And so it is.

             Distance and time are so freaking subjective!  Everything about them is relative to everything around them.  It’s kind of unnerving  when you think about it.  (And by “you” I obviously mean ME!)

             We rode up to the pool this evening, then stopped off for our dinner (technically: lunch) on the way home.  It felt like such a task, all that planing ahead, massive pedaling, and packing of important belongings, in all directions.  In reality?  Not that far, or long.   Comparatively speaking.

             Like the dream I woke up from this “morning” as I was trying to make sense of our channeled message.  Very much a personally-based type of experience.

Prepare, but also accept.

             I dreamt of floods and great wind.  Waking up with a knowing that if we persisted in our pursuit of a loving and joyful way of life, we’d survive perfectly in tact.

             We can only be SO ready, because often what we are preparing for is beyond our control.  Like, say, weather, for example.

             In reality, we are very small animals on a very large planet.   A planet with storm patterns, natural rhythms, and basically just strength that is well past our capacity to withstand alone.

             When I stood before the card altar, I was directed to this stack, and now I see why.  And how it works so well with what was being shown to me earlier.

angel messages, divine order

“Divine Order  ~

Archangel Raguel:

‘Everything is how it needs to be right now.  Look past the illusion  and see underlying order.’

Additional Message:

‘A win-win situation is brewing, one with solutions that are fair to everyone involved.  This requires you to have blind faith that Heaven is working behind the scenes to extract the highest good for all.

Ask me to buoy your faith if it wavers.  Use positive affirmations and prayers to keep your spirits high.  Above all, make sure that your conversations about this situation involve positive and optimistic words and phrases.   You are so powerful that your positive thoughts can speed the resolution along even quicker.’

Working with Archangel Raguel:

Raguel has beautiful pale-blue energy, like the sky on a perfect spring morning.  He’s the angel who guides people to act in fair and just ways, and Raguel also gives us faith in humanity’s essential goodness.  Wearing or holding an aquamarine crystal will align you with Raguel’s kind and wise persona.”

             As I just said recently, even if we don’t have a question (or “situation”), it is still a good idea to apply this message to our current circumstances, whatever that may be, and however it feels right to each individual.

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

as I mentioned, class and a meal, not as far away as it felt, 4.990 miles, in exactly 31 minutes, at a glacial pace of 9.6 MPH.  Plus, here’s the MAP.

             (We have a new obsession, Dan found this tracking site on Instagram last night, and we discovered that biking and walking and running people are making designs out of their maps!  We.  Must.  Now.  Do.  This!)

             (Also?  They  recently had an upgrade, so the maps have all kinds of cool options, one of them is topography!)

FLP Report:

Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, all Ns and not one person we knew.


Working, working, working.

           It started off as a very warm work-heavy day for me this afternoon, and as soon as I get this up, it will continue to be that way.  The sun has apparently arrived, and I would say “with bells on” but I haven’t heard any ringing so far.  The entire outing was decidedly lacking in anything remarkable, foreign, or festive.  When I got to the shop where I deliver my wee projects, the store owner handed me two more.  Yikes!  Great that I’ll have a little change in my pocket, but damn, now I’ve even more behind-er than when I started out.

         (Thank you Universe, for continuing to give me work, and for getting paid to do it.)

           Had to stick that in there, didn’t want anyone to think I was being all ungrateful and shit.  I was even pretty patient in the uber slow and sweaty traffic too.  No point in being pissy about it.  It’s everywhere I go.

           Seriously, everywhere.  This is one of our ugly blocks (we have prettier ones, I promise) near the county courthouse (which is an extremely ugly building).  See, just cones all over the freaking place.  I tried to get a picture of some construction dudes, looking sharp in their overly bright vests, but then, when I WANTED to be stopped, everything started to move again.

            Finally getting closer to home, but still markers and trucks in every direction.  I know, it rains here so much that they really HAVE to do the work when we have these warming trends.  But gah!  Why is it always in MY way?!

          And no, sorry not a wacky or peculiar person to be seen.  Well, none more wacky or peculiar than usual.  (We are kind of Center of the World for wackiness on a regular basis… the joke is that old hippies never die, they just all retire in Eugene.)  Which is one of the things I love about living here.  (Not that I have a choice.)  If it weren’t SO odd I think I’d feel uncomfortable.  And you guys know me well enough by now to understand that comfort is VERY high on my priority list.

            When I went to flip over our daily draw earlier I saw that tomorrow we will have our second crystal card, and we are getting down to a small few of the Archangels.  The one for today has a not so clear title, the  message is good though, nicely positive (just the way I like it).

“Divine Order  ~

Archangel Raguel: Everything is how it needs to be right now.  Look past the illusion, and see underlying order.

A win-win situation is brewing, one with solutions that are fair to everyone involved.  This requires you to have blind faith that Heaven is working behind the scenes to extract the highest good for all.  Ask me to buoy your faith if it wavers.  Use positive affirmations and prayers to keep your spirits high.  Above all, make sure that your conversations about this situation involve positive and optimistic words and phrases.  You are so powerful that your positive thoughts can speed the resolution along even quicker.”

            I like how Doreen has phrased this to include our own power.  It can be really overwhelming sometimes when we feel lost in the crowd.  But we each truly do have a unique and amazing gift as individuals.  Like with the Love Your Mother message, even doing one small thing makes a much larger difference than we realize.

           As long as we keep our positive thoughts front and center, and go with the belief that things WILL work out for the best, because we ARE that important, the lessons we are learning will be smoother and much more beneficial to us, and to those in our lives that we care about.

             I am going to continue being grateful for the new (sure, and slightly annoying) projects I was given today, and look at this as a positive sign.  I’ll go do my stitching now and be thankful for the work, knowing (and believing) that my services are valuable and will continue to be needed.

The Early Report from Karen: she sent me a text that said she had seen one of the county’s rescue boats.  And wondered if they were responding to a wreck perhaps?  I replied with, “they are usually on their way to a water call-out when you see them like that.”  (J.D. was a boat aid for one summer, so we got much insider-info on this topic.)  Her answer was, “at the top of Bailey Hill?  I know it’s been raining a lot but I don’t think we are ready for the ark yet, lol.”  Hmm, okay…. I  have no idea then.  There is not a large body of water up that direction, that I know of.  And I HAVE lived here for about 40 years now.  Excellent random sighting though!

(Deputies?  Any clue?  Reason why the rescue boats would be heading in that direction?)

            Also, have you guys all looked at her cool new blog?  She put up a picture of her lovely and delightful self, sitting in her awesomely wild yard, a few posts back.  If we have anyone in JulieLand that has been touched by the insidious and despicable cancer wand (and no shit, who hasn’t) you might want to check it out for that reason alone (she focuses specifically on melanoma, but still, it’s a great new resource).  And share it with others who (whom?) you think may be interested.  It is a link above (her name) and can always be found  <——   over there, under the Important Family heading.

         Now, leave me alone!  I have stupid little beads to stitch!