Much Accomplished

             Ya know, we can’t help but laugh when the Universe hands us humour.  Or, in this case, irony.  (Yes, there is a difference, and I do know it.)

             It’s been a long and challenging past week for me.  (And for some you, as well.)  So this morning’s message totally caught me off-guard.  Then, I just had to smile.

Job Well Done

             If you follow Doreen on any of her locations, you’ll see that she’s been receiving similar information.  (As have numerous others.)

             But I didn’t know any of this until sitting down just now, because I could barely keep up with my own actual real life, let alone the social media presence one.

             Basically, we need to let any anxiety, guilt, or disappointment in ourselves go.  The past is behind us, let’s look at right now, with the Hope of a better tomorrow.

             We made it.  We accomplished so much more than we realized, simply did a much better job than we thought we did.  We survived, and yes, even thrived.  As we will continue to do.

             A little break and some compassion never killed anyone.  So let’s all take a deep breath, invest in a dose of Self-Care, and step away from any negativity.  Especially the self-induced sort.

             And when we look at who showed up on our card altar, we are able to see how very safe (and necessary) that exact recommendation is.


“Hippopotamus  ~

‘Friends stand close by to shield you from life’s adversities.’

Rotund, bountiful Hippopotamus counsels that you nourish those around you and be nourished in turn.

In a world of fast food eaten alone, the time has come to again break bread with friends and family as humankind has always done, and to take succour from confidences given and revealed.

Those intimates are eyes and ears looking out for us in a complex world and, like the red-lacquered coat of protective liquid which safeguards Hippopotamus from sunburn and dehydration, they shield us from the vicissitudes of life.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is this entirely serene view from our last trip to Heaven, oops, I mean the coast.

oregon coast

North Jetty,

             I look at it when I need a lift, you are welcome to do the same.


Symbolism, Flora and Fauna Style

             Last night I fell asleep with, and this morning I woke up to, dazzling images* from assorted wild scenes.  Then, returning to the regular rotation around our card altar, this messenger arrives, delivering the same feeling.

*One particularly vivid view was of a gorgeous lemon tree on a hill, with groves of other citrus all around.  So fragrant and uplifting!

             The Universe says, the truth here is about the exquisite majesty of Nature, and all within; how very fortunate we are to experience Her realm.

             Today, we dwell among both

flower and fruit.

             Because our purpose is embedded into the cycles of our life, and the seasons of our journey.  We travel through woods and plains and deserts.  We move with the tides and migrations.

             We are part of Nature.  It’s a piece of who each one of us is.  As urban as many of us get, it’s still within our very core.

             Accepting and honouring this, helps us to stay in-tune with our own personal rhythms.  And that is as healing as it gets.

hind druid animal card eilid

“Hind  ~  Eilid  (pronounced as Elij)  ~

Subtlety, Gracefulness, Femininity

The cards shows a white hind in the forest in late summer or early fall.  Acorns hang heavy from the oaks.  The hind calls us to follow her deeper into the forest.  

Standing in the sunlight, she appears so elusive we are not even sure if she is of this world.

Eilid brings us the gentleness and grace of the feminine principle.  Whether you are male or female, opening to the qualities of the hind will enable you to achieve a greater degree of sophistication, subtlety, and elegance – in the best possible senses of these terms.

Deer, and the white hind in particular, call to us from the Otherworld, from the realm of Faery, and invite us to look beyond the material, beyond the superficialites of life, toward the heart of things, toward the realm of causes rather than effects.

Poised in the moon- or sunlight, Eilid invites us to begin an exploration of the Otherworld, of the spiritual dimensions of life.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Business Update:

is just to say that I’ve begun a new feature on Instagram.


The Art of Interaction

             There is an idea, an image of “the tapestry of life” and how we are all within the web of this adventure.  A consciousness of interconnectedness for one and all, one to another to another, that’s the idea, and that’s the Universal Truth.

             Those are the views that were shown to me this morning.  Also, the fact that with the limiting physical brains we’re using right now, there’s not once single chance we can truly comprehend the immense complexity of it.

             What we can grasp, is how I am here . . . . .

because of you.

             And you are here, because of me.  We absolutely are linked, with each other and with ALL others.  It’s how we survive and how we learn and how we heal.  It’s the way this journey was designed.  We can’t do it without everyone else doing it, too.

             This connection we all have, is also the connection we have to the entire planet.  The trees and animals, the plants and weather, we’re all balanced together.  Which means, it’s up each individual to stay well.   The health of us all depends on it.

             I was directed to return to our regular rotation around the card altar this morning, so let’s get on with that part of our message.  As you’ll see, everything is connected.


“Raven  ~  16  ~  Magic

Throughout time, Raven has carried the medicine of magic.  This has been true in many cultures across the planet.  It is sacred in the medicine ways, to honor Raven as the bringer of magic…..

Raven magic is a powerful medicine that can give you the courage to enter the darkness of the void, which is the home of all that is not yet in form.  The void is called the Great Mystery.  Great Mystery existed before all other things came into being . . . Raven is the messenger of the void.

 If Raven has appeared in your spread, you are about to experience a change of consciousness. . . . magic is in the air, do not try to figure it out, you cannot.  It is the power of the unknown at work, and something special is about to happen.”

Today’s Deck:

Medicine Cards – The Discovery Of Power Through The Ways Of Animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson, illustrated by Angela C. Werneke

Today’s Sharing:

was going to be a phone photo.  But I couldn’t get one to work out well enough to see all that you needed to, without it being a wee bit scary.  Instead, please imagine that you see me, with a mouth full of braces.  Because now, and for the next 2 years, that’ll be my reality.  (I promise to try again soon for a picture.  They are mighty impressive!)


On this day . . .

             In honour of my best friend’s birthday* we’ve drawn from our Special Occasion cards.

*Yes, he’s also the guy I’m married to, and father of all my brilliant and beautiful children.

             It’s such a deep and full message that we’ll make this our singular and primary focus right now.


“Platypus  ~  35  ~

Women’s Wisdom

According to Aboriginal legend, the Platypus was birthed form the forbidden coupling of two souls joined by unlawful union.   Out of vengeance for their reprehensible behaviour, the Elders transformed her into a Duck and him into a Water Rat.   They were then exiled indefinitely from their respective clans.  She eventually produced an egg, from which hatched a strange furry, duck-billed creature equipped with four powerful webbed feet: the Platypus.

Those who have ever felt abandoned or rejected should seek the wisdom of the Platypus.  She was created under a blanket of dishonesty, judgment, and betrayal, brought into this world as a result of true, honest, but devastating love.

No matter how old we are, we instinctively look to our parents, as our primary role models, for confirmation and guidance in all areas of our life.  But what if that guidance is absent, or predisposed by traditional values or belief; values or beliefs inappropriate for today’s world?

Platypus is not only committed to her parent’s heartfelt desire to see the people merge with peace and love in their hearts, but also to the empowerment of all women by reminding them of their worth, wisdom, and their role as ‘sorcerers,’ individuals charged with the power to create within the dark recesses of their womb.  She works to free all women of guilt and oppression and to reinstate their connection to ‘the source.’

If Platypus has swum into your life today, you are being prepared to realise, understand, and embrace the potency of your own intuition and higher levels of knowing.

A creature that swims with her eyes shut, Platypus listens to the heartbeat of the Earth Mother for direction.  She looks to her inner yin and yang for guidance, thus finding the strength needed to make her own decisions.

She honours her innate masculine and feminine qualities, knowing that she is more than capable of navigating herself through life without the support of others.

You are being urged to trust your own judgment, direction, and endurance.  This is the wisdom of all women – the ability to trust in their intuition and to consciously act with purpose. 

Women are natural dreamers, visionaries, and mystics, but they must embrace their masculine aspects in order to realise the full potential of these gifts.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Celebration:

Daniel, all that he is and all that he’s done for us.



             Culturally (societally), we have many sayings, all for the same core emotion.  This morning, there were numerous scenes presented to me; they pulsed around this same singular feeling.  Everything I was shown had one very solid sense.

             When we strive to live “choosing love” at as many crossroads as possible, it can be challenging.  We can’t honestly be expected to go all soft and kind in, say, traffic or lining up at the post office, can we?  Yes.  We can.  And yes, we should.

             Here is our focus.  One that we all have access to.  And yet, one we don’t always pay enough attention to.


             The concept of Acceptance is about letting go of that constant battle, that drive, that push-to-the-front mentality.  Do we need to stand aside for crimes or let everyone pass so that we get no where?  Absolutely not.

             However, we do need to be aware of our thoughts as we just move along in the day.  Are we being kind?  Are we seeing Grace?  Are we releasing that which no longer serves?  Are we leading with our open heart?

             One of the views which beautifully illustrates this is ……….

heart shaped hands.

heart shaped hands.

             If we hold this thought, this feeling, this shape, in our minds, we can accomplish so much and in such a gentle, efficient way.  All while presenting an open-hearted example.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, a messenger has appeared who gives us some decisive assistance.


“Cheetah  ~  

‘A decision once made will be followed by unwavering action.’

Cheetah stalks silently with cat wisdom but pursues her quarry, fleet Gazelle, with the power of sight-hound magic.  What other creature partakes of two natures?

Look within to discover a plurality of talents and ways of being, for Cheetah is offering you the chance to be exceptional, too.

If Cheetah, fastest living mammal, has run into your cards now, this is not a time for hesitation: decision followed by unwavering action is now essential.

Like Cheetah, grasp what life has to offer.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing, plus one:

is that we will be updating the face of this site, probably on Sunday.

             And, HERE is a pretty cool spot I ran across/was guided to earlier this afternoon.  I’ll be exploring it more.