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             Are you all familiar with the concept of repeated numbers?  That they are a sign?  That when we see them, when they just keep popping up (on phones, on clocks, on roadmarkers, on mileage, and gauges) over and over, it’s obviously something very special and important?  Yes?  Great!

             (If not, and the answer to that question was “no” then I’d recommend you go a-googlin’ for more specific info, there’s LOTS out there.  I just looked, and got plenty, too many to link to.)

             I’ve been involved in some truly inspirational readings recently, and this week has been particularly loud, as far as signs go (the occurrence of those numbers was right up there at the top of my list).

             What we do with this information, the symbols, the messages, the signs is where our focus will be directed.  Here is what I heard:


             To take raw ingredients, and then to produce something new out of those combined bits and pieces is our goal.  We are to create.  We are to craft.  We are to Manifest.

             And we’re all pretty good at it, too.  It just happens that sometimes what we’re bringing in to play is not always what we wanted.  It simply happens to be what we’re thinking about.

             Is our mind on the positive and the joyful?  Or is it on the negative and sad?  Of course we must honour our feelings, all of them.  And we must acknowledge what is in the world.  What we don’t need to do is to stay there.

             We can steer our journey onto a more fruitful and productive path by coming back to Grace, by returning always to lovingkindness, to actively seeing the miracles and blessings around us, instead of dwelling in the rage and the fear.

             Another point, along this same road, comes from who showed up on our card altar.


“Magpie  ~  38  ~  Balance

Magpie is the bringer of balance, the yin-yang of the bird world, an agent of awareness, the embodiment of ‘the opposites that are equal’ and the force that champions the attainment and correct use of esoteric knowledge.

She demonstrates that spiritual knowledge, and the power that comes with it, must be approached with a committed, objective mindset.  It cannot be attained overnight, or bought with money.

Information gleaned during a weekend workshop, for example, can only be considered a foundation on which real learning, learning that comes with experience and practice, takes place.  True wisdom must be deserved.  It must be gathered over a lifetime of study and embraced as a way of life.  It must become a path of the heart, explored with absolute devotion.

Before questing for spiritual attainment, for example, we must first dedicate ourselves to becoming a whole person; a process that involves surrendering our familiar self to Spirit, so that our authentic self, hidden deep within, can emerge reborn.

We must be prepared to face our fears and conquer them and turn our weaknesses into strengths and our darkest hours into gifts of power.  In becoming a whole person we embark on an expedition to reclaim inner balance and authority and, in doing so, find ourselves stepping out of our comfort zone into the unknown.

Magpie is a doorkeeper to the other realms; a guardian who lets only those wiling to honour the sacred balance between the good and bad, light and dark, feminine and masculine, in all things to explore her world.

If Magpie has swooped into your cards today, you are being guided to a place of awareness.  You are being shown how to better understand the innate marriage between the opposites that are equal, and the duality of all things.  You are being primed for a deepening of purpose and a broadening of perception.

Magpie’s arrival heralds an obligatory confrontation of fears, the reshuffling of thoughts, review of values, and a loosening up of everything that has offered sustenance and strength up until now.

It means being ready to walk a path of the heart to find a place of inner freedom; a quest for a better understanding of the poise that resides within you and everything in Nature.”

Today’s Deck:

(in celebration of our longest day) is Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is very much about who I am.  It’s difficult for me to find movies and books I like, let alone REALLY like.  So when I do, it’s a big damn deal.

             Listen to the video below, and then, find a way to watch the film it comes from.  (I highly recommend it, and that’s sayin’ something!)

             (You can thank me later, I’ll be right here.)


Our Stories and Our Devotion

             Our message today has to do with the guy I married, all those years ago.  It’s his birthday.  And this couldn’t be more appropriate.


             When we think about being honourably loyal, we often think of hard work.  And that’s true.  But so is a heartfelt claim that we belong together.  We are one of the same tribe, our origins are the same clan.

             To be a part of a family means to care for each other, to tend them, to aid them when they are in need.  It can be a challenge for some of us, but for others, it’s as natural as breathing.

             It’s simply about who we are.  From the inside out.  Who we come from, and who we want to be.

             Some of us are more nurturing than others.  And that’s okay.  We treasure them, and need them.  We all have our place.  We all have our task.  We all have our duties, and our gifts.  We all state our Dedication in our own individual way.

             On the card altar right now we’re going with our Special Occasion selection, because always, recognizing a day of birth is, indeed, special.  This draw is perfect.  (Of course it is.)

record keeper

“Whale  ~  43  ~  Record Keeper

There are many tales of heroes being swallowed by Whales in their quest for enlightenment.  Their descent into the creature’s belly often represents man’s spiral into the Underworld and his inevitable re-emergence after certain tests are passed; a journey emblematic of sacred rebirth and retrieval of the human spirit.

Whale asks us to remember the Earth as our Mother and to reconnect with her and the soul bond we forged at the beginning of time.  Whale is a keeper of Mother Earth’s sacred records.  She witnesses the proceedings that collectively authenticate the spiritual makeup of the entire planet; the memories of each and every event that has ever and will ever contribute to her shaping, and stores them within her Dreaming.  

Whale helps us remember the spiritual history of the areas most significant to our personal journey and offers ways to enhance our medicine, our lives, and the world as a whole.

It is believed that many people who work with Whale hold within their DNA the ability to comprehend the sound frequencies encoded in the audible rhythms and vibrations emitted by the great mammal.

The throbbing, metrical song of Whale offers it the chance to reconnect with universal consciousness and the heartbeat of the Earth Mother, which is reminiscent of the double heartbeat we all heard as we grew in our mothers’ wombs.

If Whale has sung her way into your cards today, the vaults of Creation are being opened to you offering access to the sacred knowledge stored within.  Whale is journeying with you, guiding you back to the deep-core rhythms of Nature and your instinctual connection to the cycles of life.  She is helping you remember your personal truth and wisdom, and how to reconnect to the heartbeat of the Universal Mother.

Whale wants you to rebirth your emotional body, and to revive yourself physically by tapping into the knowledge of your own genetic memory and personal rhythm.  In doing so you will remember the sacred bond you share with all things and you will ultimately find the knowledge to heal yourself and your family.

You may even glean insight into how the rest of humanity could follow suit.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Personal Sharing:

is this view.

wedding dogs and pumpkins

He was MADE to be Father-Of-The-Bride

             Happy Birthday.  (Doesn’t seem like 55 is the right number, but then, I’m bad at math.)


Revealing Autonomy

             Following along with yesterday’s theme, this morning I woke up to abundant scenes of a similar attitude.  The feel was very freeing and open.

             As we now know, the less we resist, the less resistance there is.  So today’s message is pretty sensible.


             Are we able to enter 2015 with our true selves showing?  Because that’s what the Universe is recommending.  That we wear nothing false, nothing negative.

             It’s not as scary as it sounds, though.  Once we get the hang of just being genuine, it becomes the most direct route to healing.  Making our lessons that much easier to learn.

             To mark the calendar transition, and to get us going on this liberating and truthful path, I was directed to our Special Occasion cards.  Numerically, today (as I write this) is the start of a new cycle:

January + First + 2015 = 10, or One.  This draw adds down to a 2.  The sequence is significant.  As is the definition.

abundance messages

“Grey Kangaroo  ~  29  ~  Abundance

When questioned about what wealth means to you, would you say that having copious amounts of money would definitely seal the deal?  If so, it would be a good answer – but the wrong one.

To focus exclusively on the acquisition of money only amplifies how little you have.  When you concentrate on your desire to attain money, you are effectively nurturing ‘poverty mentality,’ a state of mind supported by society and inherited ways of thinking.  It feeds poverty mentality because it prevents you from seeing the wealth that surrounds you everyday; the wealth that comes with family and friends.

To know true love is to hold supreme wealth.  When you know that wealth rarely takes the form of money or gold, you release the monetary mindset so fear of lack can be transmuted into trust.  In doing so, the block obstructing your stream of abundance may be removed forever and greater cash flow will result.  Letting go of lack will essentially result in gain.

Grey Kangaroo once offered its rich meat, warm pelt, and strong bones, which were useful as cutting and digging implements.  Prosperity meant healthy children, a full stomach, and a warm, dry sleeping place to the people.  They believed the land would provide all they needed and, if they lived in harmony with the Earth Mother, their life would be safe and plentiful as a result.  So long as the Grey Kangaroo was there, the people knew that they would never know hunger or suffering.  Its mere existence promised true abundance.

If Grey Kangaroo has vaulted into your cards today, your life will soon be rich with productive emotion, thought, and knowledge.  These fundamentals will abundantly serve the personal needs of both you and your family.  What you require is currently manifesting and your needs are soon to be met.

Grey Kangaroo reminds us to always separate what we want from what we need, before commencing the hunt for either.  To seek what we materialistically want above what we realistically need, will result in continued stagnation.

Grey Kangaroo’s appearance acts as a reminder that as children of the Earth, it is our birthright to have all our requirements fulfilled – so long as our requests are offered in a sacred way.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

 is a direct link to Sarah’s latest offerings.


The Peak of Mid-Summer

             Festive Solstice to one and all!  I hope that everybody enjoyed their first “official” summer day (even though this is actually mid-summer).  We celebrated in more a Litha* way, by having a baby shower for my niece.

*Not so much about the season, as about the motherhood and the bounty.

             It was wonderful to see so many people there for her, cousins and long-time family friends, plus new acquaintances.  Very joyous and loving, exactly as the prospect of a new life should be.

             Of course here in JulieLand, we acknowledge this by our significant draw made with the designated Special Occasion stack.  However, this time I’ve done a small cover-up job.  Not all of us were pleased with how less-than-positive the key word was, when last this one appeared.

             Since the message, in its entirety, is still valid (and reminiscent of another recent suggestion, it’s the second time we’ve seen a warning like this), we’ll take the whole thing as it comes.  Leaning more upon this line, than the negative connotations that don’t suit us:

“The gift of this Dreaming is to be undeceived by external appearances and to discover the truth beneath them.”

owl messages, nocturnal, animal oracle cards

“Owl  ~  4

The Owl is a silent flyer due to the velvety surface of its feathers, making the element of surprise the strength of its assault, enhanced by the fact that the attack usually comes from a source completely unsuspected by its victim.  The first that the unwary Mouse knows of the presence of Owl is the pain of sharp talons in its sides.

The Dreaming lesson here is that of deception.  Today, according to its pooled spiritual teachings, the Owl warns us not to assume that all is well all of the time.  People and situations we trust may not be completely trustworthy, but Owl has the ability to see what others may miss.  The gift of this Dreaming is to be undeceived by external appearances and to discover the truth beneath them.

A bird that chooses to hunt at night, the Owl is up until dawn.  She is one of the few creatures that actually wait for the sun to come up before retiring for a well-earned rest.  She literally welcomes the sun as it illuminates and warms the horizon each morning.  As such, she symbolically sheds light on those areas of our life in which we are being deceived by camouflage, fraudulence, pretense, or duplicity.

Owl’s wisdom allows us to know when we are stuck in the content of our own lives, oblivious to the fact that we are wandering aimlessly through life.  Owl sheds light on these moments, so that clarity may be retrieved and stability salvaged.

By helping us to find light at the end of an otherwise pitch-black tunnel, Owl promises a time of approaching lucidity, new beginnings, and promise.

If Owl has silently swooped into your cards today, you are being cautioned that you are perhaps being deceived by the apparently innocent motives of another. Owl’s appearance may be a warning that you need to quickly ascertain the integrity hidden behind these motives and determine how they may affect or influence your view of the world.

The Owl has been gifted with clear night-vision which, when employed with the right intent, affords us the ability to see what others may miss.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventure:

was that I combined a heaping handful of awesome fresh, farm-stand raspberries with a splash of my home-made lemonade concentrate.  And some honey kefir.  Whirred it around with a stick blender and drank it with my lunch.  Yeah, this is a delicious time of year!

Caring Alternatives

             First of all, we need to pause for one second, and acknowledge my mother.  She was  born on this day (April 10) 73 years ago.

             And funny, our message is pretty much the exact advice that she’s given everyone for her entire life.

Don’t be surprised if things go in a different direction.

             She has been known to say, more times than I can count, “don’t make plans that can’t be changed.”  Because we all know, nothing stays the same.  And very little falls in to place the way we think it will.

             For this birthday day we’re back to our Special Occasion cards, with validations, as well as returning emphasis of current themes.  (Also, this is perfect for my mom.  She totally lives her life this way.)

cassowary, respect messages

“Cassowary  ~  15  ~  Respect

One creature or another occupies every square inch of our Earth Mother.  The moment we leave our space, we step into that of another.   We become their visitor, invited or not.  When we drink from a stream or pick fruit from a tree, we are sharing this source of nourishment with other creatures.  We share the air we breathe, the warmth of the sun, the refreshing breeze of the four winds, and the rain that falls from the sky, with every other living being on this Earth.

We have to view our life as being the only one we will ever have and honour this chance to the utmost.  We have to look at every lesson that is presented as being more important than the last.  We only have one Earth, and it is up to us to honour the space we inhabit while we are here.  Simple.

If Cassowary has swaggered into your cards today, you are being asked to address your sense of Sacred Space and the way in which you treat the Sacred Space of others.  If we honour and respect our space, others will learn to respect theirs, and if we honour the space of others, they will learn to respect ours.

It is okay to refuse the inappropriate or interfering ways of others.  Our Sacred Space is our territory and we have the right to feel safe within it.  Our home and everything associated with it; our possessions, our body, our feelings, our values and beliefs can all be viewed as Sacred Spaces, and just as a wild animal will only allow other animals who instinctively respect territorial boundaries to enter their Sacred Space, we are encouraged by the Dreamings of the Cassowary to follow suit.

It is not important what others think of you.  How you view yourself is what counts.  You have to live with yourself and to feel proud of how you go about doing it.

Cassowary says that in order to attract respect it is vital to radiate self-respect, to show pride in your achievements, to radiate self-worth and to adopt and mirror the favourable qualities of the people that are drawn to you, rather than focusing on their negative traits.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is this series of pictures from my son.  With his captions, in quotation marks.

Many meerkats.

“Many meerkats.”

             My offspring were, obviously, at a zoo.  This particular one is in Seattle.

One meerkat.

“One meerkat.”

             These guys are a family favorite.  (Duh, Lion King!  Are you singing Hakuna Matata yet?)

"Two meerkats."

“Two meerkats.”

             Deargawd we love these animals, they have such character and style.

"Em and her new meerkat friends!"

“Em and her new meerkat friends!”

             There are more phone photos, some you’ll see, and some maybe not.  (He sent me LOTS of wonderful shots this afternoon.  All with hilarious explanations of what the view is.)