Just say Yes.

             Another day of “list” messaging.  So, there’s that.

             I can also report that all of the things I’m hearing regarding the current situation, challenging planetary conditions are beginning to subside.  The energy is (finally) dissipating.

             Which works nicely with what I woke up with today (and what we see later on in this post).

  • affirming authoritatively
  • manifesting
  • stating with positive emotion
  • believing
  • having faith
  • living in a generally positive manner

             When we say an Affirmation outloud, we are speaking to the Universe in a clear and focused voice.  But, are we meaning what we say?

             When we step out into our day with positive intentions expressed, are we feeling it all the way deep down inside?

             It’s important to carry our faith around in a secure basket.  If we lose some bits and pieces along the way, it makes our journey much more difficult.

             We don’t need to belt out every single thing we believe in all the time, but we DO need to practice our lovingkindness as often as possible.  Choosing to affirm in a confident manner, and select Joy diligently, is the key right now.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, here is an inspiring and uplifting validation.

healing protection

“Carnelian  ~

healing, creativity, energy, calmness, grounding, stability

This wonderful crystal offers you protection and healing.  It will help dissolve the sadness you have recently experienced as well as calm your thoughts and ease your anxiety.

Carnelian will also help you to express your emotions and stimulate your creativity.

You are encouraged to take up a creative pursuit or hobby at this time.  Start to express yourself in what ever way you choose – without judgment.  Working with colour will be especially helpful at the moment, for colour can also help to stabilise and heal your emotions.

Over the coming days, you will begin to feel a renewed sense of peace, joy, and wonderment for life.  Give thanks for the wondrous blessings you are receiving.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from our downstairs hallway.

graveyard angel

Photo taken in a graveyard, probably.

             I like the serene calmness of this one.  And, when I flipped over May’s calendar page, I realized just how much I was enjoying the black-and-white starkness of the entire series.


To Have and To Hold

             Some messages are more about feelings, some are vividly cryptic.  Today’s brought with it honest emotion, and a sense of joy.  While at the same time reminding us of how fast change can be.

             This is a message of mindfulness.  A focus on now, while we’re in it, not back then or soon-to-be.  Remember, even though we can’t grasp it physically, happiness is still alive.

             Imagine the enormous heartfelt letting go we all feel when we witness something massive.  A successful life-saving rescue, or the first sight of a loved one who has been far way but is now returning.

             That’s what I woke up with.  That’s the exact moment we’re looking at, and reaching for.


             It’s not sustainable, but wow, it sure is powerful.  When we’re inside of it, we can’t imagine ever feeling anything else.  When we slip past it, it is sadly missed.

             There is a concern that this could be elusive, and non-attainable.  Not true.  We can all have some.  We just can’t keep it.

             What we CAN do is continue reaching for it.  Continue striving for a better and more wonderful now.

             Perfectly situated within our regular rotation around the card altar is one way for us to stay tuned in to that very feeling.

hidden realms

“The Eyes of Beauty  ~  25  ~

positive expectations, clarity

When the Eyes of Beauty show up as your Ally, they require you to examine your perceptions.

Do you see the world as perfect and beautiful?  Can you retrace your steps from your past to now and see the perfection in the way reality has been created?

Truly, perception is everything.  A glass half-empty is the same as a glass half-full, yet so different according to how it’s perceived.

The Eyes of Beauty remind you that if you move forward with conviction, all is well now and always will be.  You will see true prosperity as a result.

Expect to see beauty and you will attract your highest good.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view that I recently found on Pinterest, and keep coming back to.


I love everything about it.

             Sometimes a kind place to rest our eyes really does bring us beauty.


The Constraints of Our Time

             Living, as we do, in this fallible bodies, on this lovely blue and green rock, there are limitations.  Ones we all battle with, yet try to accept and embrace.

             That’s what our message is about today, that physicality we must handle, deal with, and manage.  How, in this world, we sometimes feel bound, by time and place.


             When we work within the restrictions though, we gain immeasurable benefits.  Also, it’s just less painful.  The struggle is less, and we learn more, when we let go.  (As we have heard.  Repeatedly.)

             But what is the best way to release?  And to come to terms with these constant and annoying delays that try our patience?

             The solution is, like we heard yesterday, a simple one.  It’s not an EASY one, but it is basic and free.  The answer is: acceptance.

             When we have delays, all we need to do is wait.  They go away.  As all things do.  Both good and bad.  Wait it out, all of it will end, eventually.  Only to loop back again, and start over.  The process of time is eternal.

             To enforce this reminder, I was (loudly!) directed out of our regular rotation around the card altar, and (loudly!) instructed to minimally utilize the guidebook, while enhancing the definition with channeled assistance for our daily draw.


“Angel of Soul Love  ~

‘Time to look at how you value yourself – issues of self-love.’

. . . . all happens as an act of love.  Stand up for yourself regardless of what others think or say and know that you are eternally worthy of love.

In essence, you are a wondrous and beautiful being of light and love.  You are held in eternal embrace by the soul of creation, loved and valued more than you will ever know.”

             To keep ourselves “in time” and “on time” it is suggested that we begin from within.  Self-care, self-love, soul-love is all the same starting point, the first step.

             From there, we can go anywhere.  At any time, and without worry of delay.  Because we ARE on time, we ARE the loved and cared for children of the Universe.  Besides, to be delayed is to be given a gift of mindfulness, a moment in the now.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Weather Sharing:

is this “extra” picture from my Almanac calendar.

freezing rain

The beauty of these photos is breathtaking.

             Every month has two views, and a question answered.  Here is our first installment for 2015:

“How does freezing rain form?

Cold air aloft produces snow that falls through warm air underneath.  The snow melts into rain and continues to fall, passing through a shallow layer of cold air that has cooled surfaces to below freezing nearer to the ground.  When the rain hits these surfaces, it turns to ice.  If 1/4 inch or more of ice accumulates, the event is call an ice storm.”


Methodical Design

             One of the things that I’m not super great with is planning.  Well, wait.  To clarify.  I do plan.  Enthusiastically!

             My plans just don’t usually make sense to everyone (or anyone but me, often times).  They also, quite regularly, are not based in reality (or so I’m told, shut up, my family).

             So, when I realized what our message was this morning, it took a while to pinch and poke and fold it into a manageable shape for me to comprehend and then share.

Gently planned.

              We are being reminded of the importance of action steps, plus adaptability.  That combination is key.  We are not to forget the value of pre-thinking but having a willingness to shift if necessary.

             Reminiscent of our most current theme, there’s a “go with the flow” feel to this one, while still keeping our original blueprint close to hand.  (Do NOT lose those original set of plans!)

             Here’s the validation, as well as encouragement.  I was directed to leave our regular rotation around the card altar this afternoon, so we could continue to see and hear and explore, from many directions and with more layers.


“Angel Of Manifestation  ~

‘Your efforts, determination, and perseverance have paid off.’

Something you have yearned for, dreamt of, and worked towards is about to manifest.  Yet this is not a time for wild elation.

Keep your focus and balance and do not lose sight of your original purpose.  Quietly give thanks to your angels, to God/Goddess, and the Universe for this blessing.

Continue silently with your work.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Celestial Update:

is from Sarah’s latest post on Mercury retrograde.  Worth a click, as always.


Our Sacred Within

             One of the key components to us getting all of these messages about Healing and Retreat, is that we probably don’t spend enough time being silent.  Because really, unless we actually ARE on a true retreat (like to a monastery), we absolutely DON’T spend enough time being silent.

             And by “silent,” the Universe means, in prayer, or meditation, or simply unplugged.  As in, sitting still, being calm, and going inside.  Taking those Quick Three Minutes, and merely being.

             I heard one single word this morning.  And I heard it loudly.  With bells on.  (Or, bowls.  In this case.)


             What is the image of this message?  Well, the ones that I was shown were actually like small scenes of perfection.  A Pinterest view of the mind.  Snapshots of idyllic right now.

              The images were less important than the emotion.  Paradise can take the shape of wherever we love the most.  Or WHENever, even.  It’s all about the feeling.

             As I stood before our card altar, the direction was definitely for us to return to that regular rotation, picking up where we left off last time.  And then, seeing the daily draw, I knew precisely why.

"The Creator"

The Creator

             Or, is it really, All of Creation?  Is our Divine Source of All a person?  No, we can all agree on that.  So, we’re not going to go with the guidebook on this one, we’re leaving that behind and blending the glowing center of this illustration with what I was told.

             We are all part of Life.  Without gender, without heritage, without body, without any physical aspect of any type.  When we sit quietly and allow our mind to wander freely, whether attempting a blank-canvas approach or utilizing well-documented words, we are communing with that golden light.  That eternal presence which is all Love, all the time.

             Personally, (since I can’t get to the beach) I like to take my quiet moments on a our guest bed.  In a silent room, sprawled across the entire mattress.  With, or without, my CDs, it’s the way to my own serene place.  My inner universe which gives me access to All.

             Our recommendation right now is to not wait any longer.  Go.  Grab your moment.  Take it at the first opportunity.  And if you can’t get a hold of some Contemplation in your own current location, come by here.  I’ll loan you my spot.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

(with message channeled through me)


you can look back through any of the past posts with tags about guided meditation to find all of my favorites, or shoot me an e-mail and I’ll try to gather a list of CDs that I like the best.

Today’s Sharing:

is this view I just put up on Instagram.

GrandDog in my lap.

GrandDog in my lap.

             It’s a Maxx sleep-over weekend.  If you need us, we’ll be in the guest room……