On The Plus Side

             Living with Intention is the goal.  Being Purposeful, that’s where we want to be.  Walking in LovingKindness, our aim.  Honestly?  We know how challenging this all is.

             However, we KEEP trying.  We begin every day, fresh, ready to attempt it somemore.  We live perpetually in Hope.

             This week we are celebrating some family birthdays, and a family visit.  I am focusing on what a wonderful opportunity this is, I am not going to worry or stress or panic.  (See how I’m telling you all this?  I’m doing it INTENTIONALLY.)

             The reason, the message, right now is that we are surrounded by garbage humans disguised as leaders and people of power, we are dealing with tragedies (foreign, domestic, personal), we are facing so many scary and shitty things that we MUST aim towards Light, and Love, and Positive.  We truly must.  It’s the only way to survive and to help.

             Here’s what the Universe wants us to hear:

Rise Above

             We are being instructed to Choose Joy, to face the fears and keep moving forward.  Count our blessings, not our troubles.

             Even if it is simply a few moments alone with deep breathing.  So long as we are putting our Positives out there, we are making a difference. Be enraged about injustice, yes.  But also, sit in a Zen and Calm place, sending out Hope, be one of many who shares LovingKindness.

            Our (still incomplete) card altar brings the most perfect validation.  (And when my camera malfunctioned [again], I didn’t fall apart, I just kept going, I used something else, and I made it work.)

rise above

“Angel of Pleasure

Take Pleasure in the things you do.

The message for you today is to start to take pleasure in all the things you do.

It’s not all about hard work, achievement, and performance.  What is important is that you make the most of every moment in your life.

Start to do more things that bring you pleasure and that bring pleasure to those you love, work, study, and play with.

Try it.  You may be surprised to find that when things become pleasurable, you accomplish more, with less stress and effort.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is continuation of/original channeled whisper, in photo form, from my Instagram account.

             We took the baby on some errands, it was delightful.  But then, so is she.

To Cope

             There are some very challenging planetary forces happening right now, along with yesterday’s full moon.  I’m feeling them personally and am hearing about others who are, too.

             Due to these factors we’re just going to take a quick look at today’s message, move on to our daily draw, an affirmation, and be done with it.

Keep Showing Up

             Sometimes (like now), all we can manage is to arrive.  We’re not dressed, we didn’t bring anything to contribute, it took everything we had merely to show up.  So.  That’s it.

             Often, that’s enough.  Nothing more is asked of us.  (Thankgawd!).  Being is our primary activity.  And ya know what?  That’s totally fine.

             It has to be.  Also, it can be the sign we need.

keep showing up

“Contemplation Time  ~

‘Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire.’

This card indicates that you need some alone time.  Make a firm appointment to be by yourself in a quiet place (ideally, outside in nature or near some plants) without delay.  Make sure that you’ll be uninterrupted for at least an hour.  Take a pad of paper and a pen with you.

Then, spend some time simply breathing, relaxing, and centering yourself.  After you are completely relaxed, write down this question to your subconscious mind on your paper:

‘what do I want to do to next?’

Write whatever comes to you in response, without worrying whether it’s ‘correct’ or not.  Then, ask your subconscious, 

‘what’s my heart’s true desire right now?’

Write down the answer.  Spend time noting your true priorities so that you’ll know how to structure your free time to match what’s happening to you.”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Affirmation:

I am aware of, and actively appreciating, everything that makes me happy right now.



             Several factors, of a physical nature (one of them being weather), influenced our day.  None of them terrible (no one died), merely solid and relevant happenings that sent me in a direction I was not expecting.

             Which reminded me of a topic that *K* and I discussed recently: expectations.  Do we have them?  Are they realistic?  Is this something we should spend time mulling over at all?  And is the idea within the realm of our highest good?  Does it ring true with our goals?

             Since I felt unqualified to answer her (or any) questions about this, I’ve been thinking about the entire notion that this word bring up.  I’ll come back to it, I’m sure.  Hopefully with some insight.

             Earlier, our Empress appeared at the front door (yes, that was another significant event) right as I was waking up, and trying to figure out what I was being told.  The message that was made clear (finally), totally relates to the daily draw we landed on, back within our regular rotation around the card altar.

Gratitude and acknowledgment of our blessings is suggested,

instead of turning to the want of what we don’t have.

             This messenger reminds us of the same thing, and does it in a genuinely fun way.  (It’s a long one, so I’ve done a wee bit of abbreviating.)

animal messages, oracle cards, otter

“Otter  ~  8  ~

Woman Medicine

The medicine held by Otter is a set of lessons in female energy   This applies to both men and women, as all of us have female sides. . . .

Otter is very caring of its young and will play for hours, performing all types of acrobatics.  It lives on land, but always has its home near water.  The elements of Earth and Water are the female elements. . . .

Otter is always on the move and is very curious.  Unlike other animals, Otter will not start a fight unless it is attacked first.  This joyful little creature is adventuresome and assumes that all other creatures are friendly – until proven otherwise.

These character traits are the beauty of a balanced female side, the side of ourselves that creates a space for others to enter our lives without preconceptions or suspicions.  Otter teaches us that balanced female energy is not jealous or catty.  It is sisterhood, content to enjoy and share the good fortune of others.  Anchored in the understanding that all accomplishments are worthwhile for the whole tribe, Otter people express joy for others. . . .

If you have drawn this symbol, Otter may be telling you to become the playful child and to simply allow things to unfold in a your life.  It may be time to stop your addiction to worrying.  Otter teaches the importance of not hanging onto material things that would bind you or become a burden.

In looking at how you can learn Otter’s habits, you might look at the joyousness of the receptive side of your nature.  Have you given yourself a gift recently?  Have you received any  messages in your meditations?

Become Otter and move gently into the river of life.  Flow with the waters of the Universe;  this is the way of balanced female-receptive energy.  Honor it!  In doing so, you will discover the power of woman.”

             These two, the channeled message and the animal message, are extremely complimentary.  Showing us that competition (and on a larger scale: power-over) is really a false construct.  Combined forces will always get us farther than divisive battling.

             Also, it’s more fun to live a life of Joy, than it is to struggle along in a life of unhappiness and oppositional longing.

Today’s Deck:

Medicine Cards – The Discovery Of Power Through The Ways Of Animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson, illustrated by Angela C Werneke

Today’s Mileage:

was quick-ish (average speed of 10 MPH), in an attempt to out-run the rain (this only partially worked).  We pedaled 7.389 miles, in 44 minutes 07 seconds, to the video store and back.  See Dan’s map HERE.  (We did some alley riding, which is always entertaining.)

Today’s Sharing:

will bring you Joy, I promise.  (Okay, maybe I just hope it will.)  Go see THIS.