Staying on Track, and still saying

             The changes in my life recently have not been how I expected this chapter to unfold.  Because Life goes where it needs to go.  Taking us to the places we need to be.

             Never is it how we thought it would happen.  A turn here, a twist there, a detour we had NO fucking clue was up ahead.  We travel, we experience.  We follow the path, or we veer away from it.

             Right now all I keep hearing is how Acceptance and Appreciation must be in our line of sight at all times, it must be where we’re aiming.  We absolutely can’t make the progress which will help us the most if we don’t embrace those factors.

            The Universe says it’s about:


             To acknowledge our blessings, our lessons, our challenges, that’s where we live in the moment.  That’s where we are ALIVE in a genuine and soulful way.

             To recognize our opportunities as well as those options we can just let pass us by, that’s vital.  Never worry that we’ll miss out.  We definitely won’t.  We’re always in the right place at the right time.

             In fact, on our card altar, this Special Occasion visitor reminds us why.


“Emu  ~  12  ~  Endurance

First in the Category of Fire

A solar influenced creature, Emu speaks of the responsibility afforded to fathers who find themselves raising their children singlehandedly.  Emu Dreaming lends itself to the teaching of effective parenting skills and the endurance that is required to execute the role, especially under difficult conditions.

. . . . . look at how you are holding up physically and emotionally to the stresses of life.  Perhaps you need to pace yourself better so that you are able to maintain a manageable level of endurance.

Emu promotes a holistic approach to life which incorporates a healthy mind/healthy body philosophy while encouraging you to seize personal quiet time for replenishment whenever you are able.

Emu demonstrates how to integrate the positive and supportive aspects of both our ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ characteristics by drawing their wisdom into everything we do, thus enriching our view of the world and our place (and that of our children) within it.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

(I went with this one because of the recent Vernal Equinox, and the personal changes which are happening here at home, it called out to me, so I answered.)

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my April page downstairs.


That heart makes all the difference, don’t you think?


Our Challenging Successes

             This journey is made up of lessons.  And blessings.  And more lessons.  Countered with some gifts, to keep us from giving up entirely.

             When we examine the steps to take, the progress we’ve already made, it often feels overwhelming.  Like, it’s out of balance.  Good thing we know differently.

             Here’s what I heard this morning:

dealing with difficulties.

             We can.  That’s the point.  We can and we do.  Now, what we need to look at is HOW.

             Do we immediately fall apart or blame someone else for our problem?  Or do we face it, accept it, and move on?  Because the “how” is the answer.

             When we address our crisis, acknowledge it, then let it go, we’ve learned a valuable lesson.  And it wasn’t nearly as painful as we thought it would be.  In fact, it was pretty damn simple.

             The whole scope of learning HOW to do that can be part of our challenge.  Part of our Difficulty.

             On the plus side, we have back-up.  We have support.  And, we know that (probably absolutely) we’ll be fine in the end.

             Here’s how we know this, it’s in our daily draw.  It’s that validation the Universe sends, at just the right moment.

archangel sandalphon


Archangel Sandalphon:

‘Your prayers have been heard and answered.

Have faith.’

Additional Message:

‘You deserve this time of victory.  Your unwavering focus and dedication have resulted in blissful manifestation.

Peace and pleasant feelings are yours right now.  Let your focus be on this present moment, savor each feeling and experience fully.

Know that the future is taken care of in a positive way, as you allow yourself to enjoy the present moment.  Feel good about who you are, and know that your success benefits others.’

Working with Archangel Sandalphon:

Sandalphon can help your life be a masterpiece……

Ask him to help you live in integrity………..

He can help you speak your truth openly, in a way that benefits everyone.  He’ll also help you appreciate all the miracles and victories – of every size – in your life.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Business Update:

is to say that my beautiful Hurricane is here this weekend, and she’s been sharing her professional knowledge with me about other directions we can take our daily draws and channeled messages.  Stay tuned!



             Everything (important) leaves a mark.  As we make our way through this Adventure, we don’t come clear of it without evidence that we were here.

               War wounds.  Laugh lines.  Documentation and proof that we were here, we lived, we loved, we cried, and we were joyful.

             Whether physical or emotional, we gather and collect and leave signals of our existence.  On and in, some demarcation is seen and felt.  Scarring occurs, blemishes and imperfections are left behind.

             Today, our focus will be drawn to the tiniest of these.  A mere . . . .


             Maybe we wouldn’t even notice it, or possibly we’d glance past it and not even see the sign, no acknowledgment given.  Sometimes it’s a matter of, “how’d THAT get there?!”

             The Universe is reminding us that very often, it’s the minor, seemingly insignificant gestures and actions which mean the most.  Same with this small signal.  Small, but vastly important.

             We are asked to be aware, look for them.  Similar to when our message says, watch for those signs.  Well, WE are part of that now.  WE help to carry the signs.

            As has become the way of things, our daily draw drops that validation right into place.  In case anyone was wondering HOW we were supposed to be on the alert for our marks, here it is.

crystal messages, oracle cards, kyanite

“Kyanite  ~

intuition, ideas, dreams

Pay attention to your intuition and to your dreams over the coming days for you are being guided towards deeper spiritual understanding and insight.  Through this process, much of which occurs on a subconscious level or in your dream state, a rather ingenious idea will surface that will radically change your views on life, particularly your career.

Kyanite will help you ground this idea as you discover ways of practically applying your idea in your every day life and work.

However, do not try to force the process.  The idea will surface when you least expect it.  Simply relax and allow yourself to be open to new possibilities and insights.

Know that they already exist within you in an abstract spiritual way.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this adorable view, from some vacationing travels.

A sewing room! And a harp! With a violin in its own case!

A sewing room!
And a harp!
With a violin in its own case!

             Thank you, Anna!  For thinking of me, and for sending along this treasure.

To Define

             There are un-countable numbers of people who do exactly what I do (or if not exactly, then, similarly).  One thing we all have in common is symbolism.

             Every person on the planet sees signs.  NOT every person acknowledges them.  And amongst those of us who do, we couldn’t possibly acknowledge every single one of them.

             The very significance of them all is where we learn.  We understand what one item or scene means, to us, in our frame of reference.  Building that virtual warehouse of symbols and signs is gaining knowledge, in ourselves and in our world.

             When I wake up every (or nearly every) morning with a message in my head, it’s usually connected to some sort of images that I was shown.  But it could be words or feelings.  All of this is: symbolism.

             And it’s what we were reminded to address today:

watch for signs.

            Finding them is easy, figuring out what they’re telling us can be more challenging.  Well, it can be.  Or, it can be no problem at all.

             One way to better comprehend what is being shared with us is to let go of the busy-ness in our heads.  Become Still.  Allowing ourselves to listen.

             As with our daily draw.  When we hear this definition, do we struggle against it?  Do we fight it?  Question it?   Or do we listen, and accept it?

angel messages, soul love

“Angel of Soul Love  ~

‘Time to look at how you value yourself;

Issues of self-love.’

The world around you is simply a reflection of your inner world, beliefs, and feelings.

There is a person or group of people in your life at present who keeps putting you down and undervaluing what you say or do.  The Angel of Soul Love realises that this is a painful and hurtful situation for you and has shown up in your reading today to help you work through and heal this issue.

From a higher perspective, all happens as an act of love.  The people in your life at present are simply here to help you face  your own feelings of inadequacy, self-worth, and self-love.  That is not to say that you should pat them on the back for making you feel small or sad, rather it is the opposite.

Stand up for yourself regardless of what others think or say and know that you are eternally worthy of love.  In essence, you are a wondrous and beautiful being of light and love.  You are held in eternal embrace by the soul of creation, loved and valued more than you will ever know.

Start to have loving thoughts for yourself; you are perfect just as you are.  There is no need to change anything about you except for the perceptions you hold about yourself.

Affirm to yourself many times each day, ‘I am love, I am light, I value and honour myself through my thoughts and through all I say and do.  The more that I love and value myself, the more love and value that I attract from those around me.’ “

             And we need to ask, what signs is the Universe sending us?  Our validations are going to show up, in a variety of ways.  All we need to do is acknowledge them, and be thankful for their appearance.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

One of Today’s (Obvious!) Signs:

is this bad phone photo from a parking lot (I blame the annoying people who were walking past as I was trying to get the shot).  It was directly in our path tonight.

9 of Diamonds (or, in the Tarot 9 of Pentacles)

9 of Diamonds
(or, in the Tarot
9 of Pentacles)

             Finding a playing card is always significant.  It’s almost like we are being handed a physical piece of signage.  A placard, or manifested announcement.   As I said earlier, they’re out there.

            And because I sometimes like to go a-googling, to see what’s new in my field, I discovered this brilliant description.  Making our sign even better.

“The 9 of Pentacles is one of the most uplifting and encouraging omens in the suit.  This can mean that your financial worries are over for a while, and that things in general will be going better than you thought possible.  Enjoy this good energy, and share your wealth and happiness with others.”

              I’ll take it, thanks!

Life Cycling.

             There are a few moments, unclaimed, in my afternoon.  So I’m grabbing them to get this post pre-written.  We just got home from our outing (gym was cancelled but we had other biking errands) and will be leaving again soon.  It’s hot, and I need to stop sweating before attempting to dress for the rest of my day.


Last day of vacation.

             Tomorrow Dan goes back to work.  Neither one of us is ready for it.  Three weeks isn’t as long as it sounds.  But we did get some shit done, and we did have loads of fun.  (More events coming up in a few days, on his regular weekend, so stay tuned.)

             My waking up, earlier today, brought with it the scraps of an unsettling dream, and the knowledge that it’d be hot out again (like super hot).  I was only partially looking forward to it.  Here’s what I heard, and then I had to laugh at the Universe’s way of reprimanding my bratty self elf.

Take stock,

then acknowledge and appreciate

 your MANY blessings.

             These always make me think.  Some more than others.  And when they chime right in with our daily draw, then I’m just all ’round thrilled.

oracle cards

“Proceeding Softly  ~

My inner power grows in moments of quietude.

Card meaning:

Go forward, slowly and gently.  Stop to smell the daisies and enjoy the view.  Love and appreciate what is here now.

The Universe wants you to know:

When you take your time and go slowly, new perceptions blossom that you can’t see if you’re moving fast.  Step out of the rapid pace of everyday life, and step into the majesty of stillness.  

Resist the impulse to go ahead with your first instinct, and tune in to your deeper intuition.  Power is born when you relax into the present moment.

Questions to ask yourself:

What is the underlying wisdom for me regarding being cautions?  Is there an area of my life where I should slow down?  Should I view a certain person or situation in my life with caution?


My inner power grows in moments of quietude.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Mileage:

was slow, due to wind and the fact that we weren’t in any rush, with a pace of only 9.3 MPH, going 8.414 miles out and back, pedaling time of 53 minutes 43 seconds.  The Deputy is trying to send me his map, but it seems not to want to go.

Yesterday’s Sharing:

is a gift from the turkeys, this time NOT near my new table, but in the street.

turkey feathers

To safely guide my way.

             I set it up onto the curb.  School starts this week, so it seemed like maybe a kid walking past might need it more than we do.