At my “day” job, there is a co-worker (one of my bosses, actually), who is fond of telling me to “trust the process” when I’m in the middle of a petulant tantrum of injustice.

             This phrase has been on my mind lately, not only because he’s correct in his advice, but because when we recall how we all set our own plans in motion, devised our own blueprints, gathered with our Team and came up with this particular life’s path, the “process” is exactly what we are immersed in, daily.

             When I’m feeling at my lowest (recent global news has not been helping), I try to rest my mind and recall that I made these choices.  I intentionally placed my soul in this body, right here…… the only question then becomes, why?

             And that, is our message.  We need only wait, trusting our earlier selves, our spirit-selves, to know what and when would be the most perfect way for us to learn and grow.

It’s about Time.

             As we’ve always been told, patience is a virtue.  Well, I’ve bristled at and struggled with this forEVER.  Turns out, the virtuous part is not necessarily valid, but the patience aspect, that certainly is.

             To worry and fret and whine and bitch gets us nowhere but unhappy.  Waiting, however, and viewing our blessings, acknowledging our gifts, this helps to ease the passage of time, just long enough for us to look back, glancing over our shoulders to the recent past, and seeing the “why” as well as the “when” as we notice patterns and reasons.

             To trust that we’ve originally laid things out for our highest and best possible good is a waiting game.  It can be trying and annoying as fuck, but it’s a Universal Truth.  Time, truly, will tell.

             It will tell us that we have chosen well.  It will tell us the process is a good one.  It can also tell us that if those selections aren’t going in a direction we now like, we can change them.

             And in perfect validation, here is our draw.

it's about time

“Making a Choice  ~  30

You are required to come to a decision now.

You’re faced with a dilemma or a fork in the road and must make a conscious choice regarding the next right action.  

Whatever that choice is, you must take responsibility for it – yet you needn’t be afraid.  You may not have all the answers right now, because the way ahead can’t be known until you have embarked and traveled a few steps.

Trust your intuition.  Ask for a sign from the spirit world and you will be led to the right path.

If you remain conscious and aware, your selection will be the right one at this time.  Life is always about learning.

Success lies in choosing consciously, guided by your Inner Voice and heeding the messages that the Universe sends you.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my tiny hallway.

harbour outhouse

             Autumnal Equinox has come and gone, the Full Moon is just ending, evenings are chilly, the sun has moved, it’s most definitely a new season.  I am embarrassing the changes, and hoping that you are, too.

             It’s a process, but I’m trusting in it.






             As previously noted, I’m a fairly traditional Virgo.  In most categories.  But when it comes to certain parts of mind-type details, I’m really more lunar in nature.

             So when a message comes along which deals with very Sword* kind of topics, you can feel extra confident that I’m channeling the hell outta this one; most definitely coming through me not from me.

*All mental, all mind-oriented, very think-y.

             Here’s what I woke up with this morning:

mental clarity.

             You know that “ah ha!” moment, when everything makes sense and obnoxious problems (finally!) show their solutions?  Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about now.

            I’ve heard that studying an equation or reasoning out a tough dilemma gives the same results.  But as I have said here before, I’m an emotional decider.  Not an analytical one.

             Even so, this is a message for us all.  I might not think it all out, but the answers DO appear.  End result?  The same for everyone.  Clarity, in whatever form it decides to take.

             In the pool tonight I was having a conversation about accepting newness and the recent post here dealing with facing our challenges.  Then, when I came home and flipped our daily draw, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

             Perfect timing for some clear seeing and thinking!

divine father

“New Beginnings  ~  11  ~  Divine Father

Courage, Desire, Initiation, Creativity

The spark of life from our Divine Father is igniting your imagination, stirring your creative genius, and instilling in you a strong desire to bring about change.   Now is the perfect time for you to act upon your impulses and initiate new beginnings, especially in those areas of your life that leave you presently dissatisfied.

Trust your desire for change, and ask the Divine Father to give you the courage to initiate it.  Commit to your unique new ideas, start writing that book you’ve been thinking about, open that business you’ve been secretly desiring for so long, or break the ice in a new relationship with someone you have held back from.

The Divine Father encourages you to act with confidence.  All the elements for your success are in place.  Don’t hesitate, and don’t play it safe.

Take a leap of faith and commit fully to what you really want.  Your Divine Father’s message to you now is to ‘go for it’ – you can’t fail.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Business News:

is to say that I’m opening up my readings for Skype sessions.  E-mail me if you’re interested.  I’ve included updated pricing under the SERVICES tab.

             Share this with everyone that you think might enjoy a live chat over some excellent (and uplifting!) cards.


Seasonal Shifts

             As much as I’d like to embrace being a Luddite, and shun all technology, truthfully, there are parts and pieces that I actually enjoy.  Like this.  Just being here.  And, ya know, having any sort of music, just there, whenever I need some.

             Today’s message addresses our love/hate relationship with change.  How necessary, and yet, how challenging.  How we WANT to throw a fit and scream, “no, nothing new!”

             Spiritually speaking though, we really do need it.  And, it really is good for us.  The merest lean towards acceptance is so SO very healing.

             Here’s what I was made aware of this morning, what we are being asked to look at, and absorb:


             We’re timely, too.  It’s the first day of Fall, so all of Summer is technically gone now.  This is the moment when we have to face the death/rebirth cycle.  Again.

             On our card altar, this being a Special Day, we have a Special messenger.  How difficult was it for the Ancestors to adapt, originally, to this gift?  And yet, now, we can’t imagine our lives without.


“Horse  ~  20  ~  Personal Power

When first introduced, Horse strengthened and deepened the people’s view of the world.  It afforded them greater understanding of the land because it allowed them to explore the horizon on a level never known before.  With obvious links to movement and travel, Horse sanctioned the exploration and conquering of the physical setting, the breaking of boundaries and the expansion of tterritory

In similar fashion, Horse Dreaming embraces the essence of Personal Power and what it means to spiritually journey within in search of inherent wisdom.

Personal Power represents the wealth of knowledge we may accumulate over a lifetime of experience which, when honoured, shifts from the mundane and familiar into a world of unlimited potential.

According to tradition, a Horse stands symbolically at each of the four cardinal points on the great Wheel of Life . . . . Each of the four directions offers a sacred gift of Power and a wealth of corresponding energetic wisdom.

 It is up to us to go out and spiritually seek this knowledge and, once found, integrate it into our life . . . . 

If Horse has galloped into your cards today, you are being primed for a journey of great Power.

We all subconsciously know where our Personal Power lies, and as long as we instigate the search, we will ultimately find it – resulting in great rewards on all levels.

Remember: all journeys start with a simple step forward, with any forward movement nurturing growth, and growth leading to development, and enrichment.

Promoting a sense of complete freedom, the appearance of Horse suggests travel of all kinds, both inner and outward; emotional, physical, and spiritual.”

Today’s Deck:

for this Special Occasion is the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

              Happy Autumnal Equinox, to us all.

Seeing From The Honesty Angle

             Alright.  Well.  So.  It seems as though we’ve (mostly) accepted that Change Happens.  It just does.  It just is.

             Now that this stumbling block is behind us (or we’ve scrambled over it, whateves), it appears as though the Universe needs to keep us paying attention.  Be on our toes!

             The message that I woke up with today has to do with a bit of a call-back to yesterday.  (And then, so did the daily draw, when I flipped that over.)

Honour, but don’t be distracted.

             There were images that went with this idea, and they were all about what happens when we don’t respect the old and well-loved.  Turning instead, for the new and shiny.

             It’s a caution.  Being aware of/telling the difference between what constitutes a real change for our advancement, and what’s just a passing fancy with no substance.  We must look with those honest eyes, and see what is to be held, and what is to be released.

             On our card altar, we have a suggested way of doing precisely that.

oracle cards, stand tall

“Stand Firm  ~

I am noble, brave, and strong.

Card meaning:

Stand up for yourself and don’t back down.  Stand up for those who can’t protect themselves.  Believe in yourself, and hold firm to what you know to be true.

You are a force for good.

The Universe wants you to know:

There are times to step down and times to negotiate, but this situation doesn’t pertain to those.  You need to hold high the banner of truth, grace, and compassion.

Honor your values without denying the values of others.   Remember what is truly important in life, and let go of everything else.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is this the time for me to stand my ground?  Whom or what do I need to face with strength and fortitude?  What might be blocking me from standing firm?


I am noble, brave, and strong.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from what will be the country’s biggest covered and lit skate park, once it’s all done being built.  (Yeah, right here in River City, I was surprised by this information, too.)

eugene's skate park, largest covered and lit skate park in the country

             The entire (structure? project?) arrangement is underneath a very large bridge that spans the Willamette River and connects downtown to all other parts of the city to the north.  It’s impressive, that’s for sure.