Pentacle People

           There are five people in the family I co-created, five people in the family I came from, five people in my husband’s family, five people in my mother’s family, five children in my father’s family.  We have five physical senses, five fingers, and five toes.  There are five sacred universal Elements.

           The pentacle is a five pointed star within a circle.  It is an ancient and sacred image, one with which I identify greatly.  When you look at a pentacle it appears to be a little person, arms and legs outstretched, touching the edges of the circle.  That icon of connectedness is the very essence of tribe, or family.  It makes the individual one with the Universe.  We are all connected, we all circle around each other.  We are all people of the pentacle.  But in my own case, this is my family, the first five, the last five, and the next five…. who ever they may be.

Pentacle factoid:  if you cut an apple in half horizontally there will be a five pointed configuration of seeds displayed.  And within the circle of the apple’s body, that makes a pentacle, straight from Nature.

Me – often referred to as My Wee Self Elf.  More about me under the About Me tab.

Daniel – my husband of over 30 years, signs on in the comments sections with many names (where you will then see a message from me, like this, in italics, explaining that it is him and signed with a J).  Is a sheriff’s deputy and father to all of my children.

J.D. – my first born child, and only son.  Sometimes called Jade, or Petunia.  Signs himself as The Son (or Daywalker) in the comments section and has two blogs listed under Important Family.  He is employed by the same law enforcement agency his father is (but now, outranks him).

Hanna –   my eldest daughter and second born child.  She is a writer, social media maven, and has many blogs that can be clicked on from here.  I call her The Hurricane, for several reasons, only one of which is because when she was two years old there was an unstable weather condition that was called Hurricane Hanna.  She lives in Seattle with her dog Indiana Sunshine  (who also has his own blog).

Emma – the baby of our familial unit.  Referred to as Empress most often.  She lives here in town with her dog Maxx, Coco the ball (of) python, and is currently working as a professionally trained groomer.

            In the Tarot Deck there were coins or disks as the suit representing items of value, this changed in the very early 19th century to Pentacles when the cards became associated with the Kabbalah.  Eventually they turned into diamonds in our modern playing cards.

               My first attempt at a slideshow:  Ostara 2012 (included my Mom and Dad, but without Dan, because this time he held the camera)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(I’ll try to update this more regularly.)

6 thoughts on “Pentacle People

  1. Love this! all the fives in the families is very cool. Also loving some of your titles ‘What the hell day is it?’ hehe and you have a search section which will be very helpful to us all, including your wee self elf i’m sure.

    • Kris, glad you found my symbolism fun, I really enjoy the oddness of it all. I’ll be updating this section, adding more family, and probably more pentacle related knowledge.
      LOL, when I found out we could customize things like what to call a calendar…. yeah I was all over that!
      Hell, I HOPE that search feature will help me!

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