If you are new to JulieLand, and don’t have a massive amount of time to catch up on the three six seven year decade-long back-log in the archives (referred to around here as the History Quilt) I have chosen a few posts that will help get you up to speed.  (Although, I’d really like it if you DID go back to the beginning and read everything in order, my OCD and I would give you a prize and kiss you on the face.)

          Each link will open to a new and separate page, click away.  And for more specifics, maybe even to get some questions answered, I encourage you to hop around amongst the other tabs along the top as well.

          (You should also know that this is a work-in-progress, check back, I keep adding more.  As I remember them, or someone points out a post they think should be here.  Feel free, point one out!)

The Beginning  ~ (this is the first post I wrote)

~  The Tattoo Tales  ~ (here is where the inking story begins)

Daily Draw  ~ (how we began choosing a card a day)

Me and Dad  ~ (a post where we went to a wedding)

Our View  ~ (seasonally I photograph the view from our back deck) ~  Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring

First Video  ~ (we held a drawing, and here’s the clip)

Him & Her  ~ (me and Daniel)

Happy Fucking Holidays  ~ (a festive sampler picture)

Goodbye Dear Friend  ~ (the post about when we lost a pet, permanently)

That Header  ~ (here is where I explain the wee historic building that I photographed and was, for a very long time, shown along the top of this blog)

Mama Drama  ~ (another subversive cross stitch)

Oregon Meet Up  ~ (where I get together with some new friends, and also another example of stitching with bad words)

Family Affair  ~ (some photos of food and us)

Fuck That Noise  ~ (a special order sampler for my Empress)