The other day I had a fantastic conversation with my grandbaby.  Well, all chats with her are fantastic.  Also, she’s not a baby anymore (just ask her).  She’s three.

             What we were discussing most recently though, was change.  I told her it was part of our growth, but that many of us struggle with it.

             It’s a challenging topic, not just for old Nanas and preschoolers.  This idea that nothing stays the same can be very unstable, and unsettling.

             Since my primary life lesson seems to be Release, I often have a hard time with the Letting Go portion of it all.  I’m constantly on the look-out for tools and strategies to help me get my brain in the proper place to understand, to feel at ease.

             I came across an inspirational concept which really rang true.  It talks about how WE are not a work of art, our life is.  The physical bodies we wear are like paintbrushes.  All of them are different, but each of them is important, in its own unique way.

             Our art, is our life.   And we create that masterpiece by using the tool we arrived here with.  It can be pointy or wide or heavy-handled or delicate, it can be any color found in nature, or it can be decorated by human hands.

             All paintbrushes have a finite amount of usefulness.  They change over time.  They do, eventually, wear out.  This does not change what it is they have created, though.

             The basic concept is that we don’t need to focus on the paintbrush, we should be paying attention to what we’re creating with it, not how the tool itself looks or what shape it is.  It does its job, the task of making our lives, our art.

             It does its job, as long as it is taken care of.  Without the tool, we can’t craft the creation.  But remember, the tool is NOT the art, it’s the tool.  The art is the art.  Our life, what we do with it and who we become, THAT is the masterpiece.

             This one really spoke to me.  I’m giving it to you, share it.  Go out into the world and make gorgeous, important art.  Use your paintbrush, clean it regularly, store it properly, and always remember, it’s the tool we have, so treat it well.  Even if it stops looking the way it once did.