What are our influences?  Who impacts our decisions?  Where do our compulsions and preferences come from?  Nature/Nurture is the forever question.

             Being spiritual people, we need to add that cosmic element as well.  We must factor in the physical alongside the esoteric.

             It’s impossible to dissect though, the debate of who we are and how we got this way.  Of course that doesn’t stop scholars, scientists, religious leaders from doing exactly that.  Do we need to?  Maybe just a peek.

             To examine this age-old issue, to gain some understanding, is precisely where the Universe has directed us.  But, by altering our perception, we are asked to focus on

the whole self.

             In other words, it may not be to anyone’s benefit to try and break this down.  Recognize and acknowledge, thank and honour?  Yes, absolutely!  But assign blame or take credit?  Nope, won’t really help.

             What will suit better, and where we can gather more insight, is to treasure our layers.  When we take notice of the combined bits and pieces of who and what brought us to this place, we appreciate the depth and the richness of our entire being.

             Blend in our past lives, add those who parented, mix with friends and greatly admired favorites.  It takes all of this, plus so very much more, to craft someone as unique and special as we are.

             There is no need to strip ourselves down, we’ll learn more and advance farther by seeing the entirety of us, the compilation of the ingredients.  It takes so much to assemble each complex individual, and every single component has value.

             We are not our list of disorganized inner compounds and outer impressions, we are a whole and complete being, made up of many parts, all of which have combined to bring us to this place, wearing this body, and experiencing these feelings.

             It’s intentional, deliberate, and full of purpose.  In our gratitude we can witness the gifts and lessons which have brought us to this point.





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