As we wander this path, seeking our truth and learning our lessons, we are asked to play a balancing game.  We are required to keep going forward.  Time does not stop, so neither can we.

             Our task is to find the priorities, and honour them.  To search out the bits and pieces which have the most meaning, and learn from them.  To discover treasure, and then hold it close.

             In my own personal journey, Release is foremost, the first obstacle, the highest hurdle.  It’s physical, it’s mental, and it’s even sometimes spiritual.  I am constantly in need of letting something go.

             For me, the quest is to decode what has to be allowed its freedom.  What am I clinging to, which now must be surrendered?  And how do I move through my life without it?  Where do I find this illusive “too much” element?

             Our message right now provides an answer, it shows us where to place our focus, it helps us discern what topics and categories should be on our repair bench, as we

process our healing.

             My personal example.  I have an eating disorder (mental), now diagnosed but no longer treatable as my insurance is gone.  I also have a chronic condition (physical), which has thus far been incurable.  These two factors are often at odds with each other.  To deal with one, I always need to consider the other.  And yet, their modes of mending can clash, causing a flare-up in one or the other.

             As we navigate our world, finding the path which brings about the most curative and pleasing results, we often discover roadblocks (or moneywalls).  One option helps one thing, but it makes another worse.  The other direction might be helpful, but not for all the symptoms.

             What do we put at the top of our list?  Where do we place our precedence?  And is there anything we can choose which will help us on multiple levels?

             My personal ranking, as I crawl ever closer to 60, has to be mental health, above all else.  I am no longer going to sacrifice my sanity nor my soul.  And this Universal reminder is an excellent validation.

             Because when we allow ourselves the time/energy to sit with the healing process, no matter the method, we immediately begin to notice improvement.  We feel the strength and the joy returning.

             We just have to remember, it’s a process.  Not a result.  It’s a journey, not a conclusion.

             And no matter what the effort, we’re worth it.  When we make the choice to allow our healing process to be important, we allow ourselves to be important, too.