Did everyone watch the Queen’s message on BBC at the New Year?  No?  Just me, then?  That’s okay.  I’ll tell you what she said.

             It’s also our new message, first of 2020.  Here’s where the Universe would like us to focus our energy:

Small Steps

             Her Majesty spoke of how little beginnings can often bring about great results.  How small steps are often the start of a grand journey.

             How a seemingly modest effort can often become the largest achievement.  How the humblest of inceptions can often progress to a massive undertaking .

             It’s so true.  When we are facing a daunting task, the easiest way of accomplishing it is to break down the entirety into tiny, more manageable jobs.  And when we are trying to make huge changes, it’s a much more doable option to begin with one little adjustment.

             Whether this applies to the environment, the political climate, our own spiritual adventure, when we break it down, it becomes a thing we can handle.  It can even turn into a lesson we can share.

             Join me and Elizabeth, as we strive to do better, one little advancement at at time.




2 thoughts on “Going Full Forward

  1. Small steps beget great strides. The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. Great reminder for today.

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