A little over a week ago, I had an interaction with someone who was incredibly angry.  Now, rage?  I understand it.  Been there, lived that, still trying to shake it off.

             So, his mood was a familiar one to me.  But during that moment, and it was truly just a quick flash of almost-no-time, I was made aware of how useless this type of energy expense can be.

             We do need to feel all the feelings, but what I understood in that split-second was more about what we can gain from NOT engaging to such a strenuous degree.

             Here’s what the Universe would like us to focus on.  Once we make the connection, then it’s appropriate to

Step Back

             The observing phase is next.  All of our emotions are valid.  But none of them can be sustained.   And there’s a reason for that, we’d get sick!  Actually, we often do.  We don’t always know why, could it be that we’re trying to keep up a false feeling front?

             We can draw on our inner well of peace.  We can stop, allowing ourselves to . . .  Be.  We can assist our body by utilizing our mind.  By slowing down, calming our breath, we are able to take that Step Back and make the necessary observations.

             Of course this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t experience the emotions.  It’s simply an excellent way to not be overwhelmed by them.

             Engage.  Connect.  Then, we can Let Go.  Honouring (but not retaining) how we feel will assist us, enabling us to see from a perspective of knowledge.

             It might not be easy, but like so much which we can learn from, it’s pretty damn simple.








2 thoughts on “Feeling and Freeing

  1. I think that there is another component to rage, especially in today’s world. I heard someone refer to “news rage” the other day. My initial take was to see how many conservatives react after watching their daily dose of indoctrination (Fox News). It appears to be a thing (my father-in-law is my textbook example).

    I don’t do the rage; I can get angry, sure. Not that unadulterated rage. I can see it in my wife, sometimes. Your assessment of the energy cost, both physical and spiritual is one of the best I’ve seen.

    1. The more I pay attention to the reactions, the less I engage in them.
      It’s been interesting to watch the process while still being right inside of it.

      I like to think that I’m now spending my resources in better places.

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