Everyone knows, by now, that one of my major lessons (and apparently that of many folks), is all about the Release.  The Letting Go.  The No-Longer-Clutching-For-Dear-Life-With-A-Death-Grip.

             Recently another of my past lives was revealed to me.  And boy howdy!  Was it just a big ol’ pile of LET THE FUCK GO nearly from start to finish.  (It also answered several questions, once I gazed about and saw the scenery…)

             What I have learned from exploring these various meat-suit travels my spirit has gone on, is that we can definitely see patterns.  We can definitely observe cycles and loops of what we’re working on, where we’re headed, and what helps us the most.

            The Universe reminds us now, whenever we have the option, it’s a great idea to sit quietly and look within.  Slow the outside noises, set them aside.  Here is where we find our


             As I’ve said before, three minutes behind a closed door if that’s all we can manage.  Better even than that?  A nice lie-down with some relaxing music or guided meditation.  But truthfully, for us to take just a mini Self-Care pause, is better than not doing it at all.

             And in that brief opportunity, that still-mind moment, we really are able to see our answers and regain our center.  It works, I promise.  Clearing our brains will bring on solutions, serenity.

             Our job here is to seek out what rings true, what gives us hope and joy, then ….. we share it.  The more we can focus intention in our spare seconds, the better our souls can connect with our hearts.  And the better we can connect with our loved ones.

             Small, simple steps lead to enormous benefits, advancements on all levels.  We are worth it, take the time.  Our clarity is there, in the quiet.

2 thoughts on “Open Hands, Open Heart, Open Mind

  1. One of the times that my mind is most open is just after I finish playing music. Not sure I can do this after a rehearsal or a performance, but I’m going to try and “open” the channels after practicing. That is when I feel most connected with the Whole.

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