The most compelling argument I have, for when folks question spirituality because our physical existence seems so fucked up, is to agree.  Partially.  Yes, our planet is a huge stinkin’ mess.  Which is why we can be sure that this is not true reality, that there is something else/better/more.

             This shit-show we wake up to every day?  Yeah, that’s not the work of our higher consciousness nor something greater than humanity.  Our current state of being is most definitely the chaos of too many clashing egos, too much physicality.

             The more I focus on a sense of eternal and ephemeral peace, with the knowledge of Home, the calmer I feel, the more complete I know that I am.  The more I see, honor, and then release, the more empowered I feel to move through my days.

             Right now the Universe would like us to bring our attention inwards, acknowledge our own spark of the Divine, and then, with a deep steady breath, open to our connectedness of

The Whole

             Since our task here is to learn, to help, to grow, the more we start small and expand out, the easier it is for us to understand that we’re all part of this global family.  We are one portion of the entirety.  We are what makes up the All.

             While I am not evolved enough (yet) to accept the crimes of those in power, I know without question that I don’t need to.  It’s not up to me, so I can simply let their garbage go.  They will pay.  I am certain of it.

             There is so much more, more than pain and more than suffering, more than selfishness and more than greed.  There is beauty.  There is lovingkindness.  There is the strength we gain when we draw close, appreciating those we care for.

             We are more.  We are so, SO much more.

My last calendar view of 2019.








2 thoughts on “Yours and Mine and Ours

  1. Good things to remember. I’m not in much contact with the whole, or the divine, at least intentionally. I know (read: get hit with a 2×4 by the Universe occasionally) that I do have the whole and the divine, but it is a lot of intentional effort to connect with it.

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