The older we get, the more we see, and (hopefully), the more we learn.  The older we get, the more we are able to experience, and (hopefully), the more we grow.

             Our days end, evenings begin.  A row of work shifts come to a close, our weekends arrive.  Seasons slide, one into another.  And years fly by, each December bringing that calendar to an end.

             If we are fortunate enough to rack up many decades, we are given the gift of perspective.  And a past to reflect upon.

             Not all memories, nor actions, will be good ones.  Just as not all lived moments are joyful.  But that’s what creates the rich and complex fabric of our time here.  It’s a Variety Pack, it’s not a crate of all the same flavors.

             Because while we have favorites, staying the same is simply impossible.  What the Universe wants us to focus on right now is our


             One of the ways we survive these adventures is to change, to revise, to modify.  Being unmoving equates to stagnation.  It’s harmful, not good for us.

             Personally, I struggle with the entire topic.  I’ve not been great at this readjustment shit.  I see the reasoning, I see the truth of it.  I’m just not entirely terrific at the doing of it.  Yet.

             I know I’m getting better, though.  I know I’m making progress.  Which, in truth, is all we can really do.  It’s our job to improve, gather tools, carry them along on our journey, trying to keep up .  All while the ground under our feet is shifting, the sky over our heads is storming, and the body we are wearing rots.

             The best we can do is live fully with each and every breath, be kind with each and every accomplishment, gain wisdom with each and every lesson.  Going forward in this life is about moving through the tasks, even if we don’t always understand them.

             Like evolution on a secluded island, we adapt to what is around us.  As we gain understanding, we make better what we can, we help those who need us, and we care for our loved ones.





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