It’s been a while since we had a Mercury retrograde conversation.  There are several reasons for this.

             The first is that my Life Lessons include patience, and trying to focus on positives, rather than negatives, while still allowing my emotions the space they need to process and feel.  But it’s also about how, when we “go with the flow” and simply keep one step above the physical struggles of Life, we genuinely have a better view

             This particular planetary reverse cycle has been brutal.  In terms of technology, sooth-brain moments, and dealing with ANY and ALL communications.  I’ve been trying to wade through it, keeping my mouth shut (the better to not let anything out, as well as anything in.)

             The reminder I keep chanting silently inside my head is “it’s all temporary” on a repeating loop.  Because now I’m more aware than ever how fleeting every bit of our embodied lives truly are.

             What the Universe wants us to focus on is not the chaos, but the


             The point of understanding these types of challenges is to see where we can grow, what we can learn, and in how many ways we can improve.  Retrograde = review, revise, reassess, reconnect, retreat, reappear, reconsider, revisit, retrace, renegotiate, and every other re- we can find.

             To see clearly, we have to comprehend what we’re viewing.  When we look through the lens of quiet time, restful peace, and stillness (even the seemingly forced kind), we are better able to comprehend our messages.  We are better able to absorb the knowledge from within.  We are better able to hear our Team, and what they are sharing.

             While this phase is never easy, it is also not complicated.  These down-times merely show us the other side of our busy-ness.  Which is helpful.   

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