As non-traditionalists, our festivities are often different from what is usually observed (or suggested by pre-printed calendars and retail marketing).  Last week was the perfect example.

             We gather, once a year, in late October.  As a family we get together.  We celebrate.  We catch up.  We confer.  And we spend valuable time in each other’s company.

             It was not always like this.  We have, as they say, come a long way.  We have all worked towards bettering ourselves and our daily existence.   We have also all matured, grown, and changed.

             Personal forward momentum is not easy to measure though.  Unlike with children, where you can stack up milestones like building blocks, or pile the progress markers like shiny treasures.  Growth of the mental and spiritual sort doesn’t take well to numbers, charts, graphs.

             Right now, the Universe would like us to be aware of our


             To notice and acknowledge how far we’ve truly come.  Because so often the only steps we recognize are the backward tumbles, the falling down, and the spectacularly negative crashes off our wagons.

             Backsliding often is part of the way we learn, part of the way we progress, and very much a part of the way in which we all develop.  We sometimes cannot get going without taking that toe tap behind, and then pushing off.

             The trick to this, the key, is to appreciate every gain, every speck of growth.  Focusing on our “haves” as opposed to our “have nots” will help our brains to realize how very far we’ve progressed.

             It’s the attitude, and it’s the gratitude.  Every time.  To notice, is to truly improve.

This was my morning view the entire time.
It was a fucking gift.









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