As we all know, and now it’s a meme, our assigned task here is the journey.  Not the destination.  But, because we’re flawed animals, we forget.

             Recently I was made aware of a clever way to remember.  The phrasing is catchy, and it lyrically brings this message home.  I like direct, and I like alliteration.

             Here is what the Universe would like us to focus on right now:




             What this means is, possibilities will cross our paths.  We are then given the option of what to do with various opportunities.  As a result of our selection, we can then alter our route.

             None of the choices are mistakes.  Just as none of the changes are problems.  No matter how or what we go with, we’ll learn.  We’ll do better.  We’ll improve.  Our forward momentum will be enhanced, which offers us additional avenues for helping others.

             Because that’s WHY we’re here!  I did like how this was worded though, it felt authentic and useful.

             Personally, this sang to me.  It sounded good in my head and when spoken outloud.  It also felt good.  Like, a gentle helping hand, instead of a jolting nudge to the ribs.

             We have to watch for those chances.  We need to feel the instinctive choices.  And then, with ease and grace, we must slide into our changes with comfort and free release of all that no longer serves.




2 thoughts on “Being In Our Lives, Moving Through Our Lives

  1. I like the alliteration, and how it “sings”. Good message to remind that change, while “inevitable” is also a choice to be made.

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