We all know that there is no such thing as coincidence.  We are here for a purpose.  We have charted this life for specific and sacred reasons.  When we come across (or, more accurately, are directed to) people and information it is intentional and focused.

             I was recently fortunate enough to meet some incredible individuals (including these two, who had traveled half way around the world).  It was a gathering of like-minded souls.  A group of people who were drawn together for a healing experience.

             Planning the trip, driving there and back, sitting in the space, interacting … it was all meaningful.  It also resulted in showing me how far I’ve come on this particular journey, as well as how (very!) far I still have to go.  It was educational.  And painful.  But, like our lives, it had purpose.

             Yesterday, in between much family chaos (broken cars, lost phones, business upheaval), we landed in a shop called One World Eugene.  It’s at our local mall, and it’s recently moved down the lane into a newer, larger premises.

             Turns out, I was sent there by the Universe.  So we could hear this message:

“39 Oneness

Mani Ratna Mudra


spiritual union, balance, integration


supports and balances all of the systems of the body.  Directs breath and awareness throughout the body.  Opens crown chakra.


bend index fingers inward and touch the tips to thumbs.  Join thumbs and hands with base of the palms touching.  Extend other fingers open.  Relax shoulders and move elbows slightly away from body.


I experience the oneness of everything.


take a few slow and deep breaths of expansion.  Bring awareness to the crown of your head.  Feel the sides of the crown, the top of the crown.  Feel the breath moving in and out of the crown.

Expand light out from the crown of your head upwards.  With each inhalation, light expands outward.  See yourself as a fountain of light.

Notice your connection to the moon, the stars, and the sky above.  Feel your light reaching up to touch all of the these elements.  Feel the connection to the oneness of everything up above.”


Mudra for Awakening the Energy Body written by Alison DeNicola, illustrated by Sabina Espinet

             For the past 5 or 6 weeks I have been investigating mudra* philosophy, and beginning a practice of the methods.  To find this deck, to pull this card, to go these places, to meet these people, to learn the name of that store ~ well.  It’s not by chance nor accident.

*Pronounced as meh-draw, with the accent hard at the beginning.  Or as mood-rah, with an uplift at the end.  I’ve heard both.  (You could also google it, and they’ll say the word outloud.)






2 thoughts on “Unified

  1. Sounds like a fascinating journey, in all of its aspects. I hope that this practice can open up some new channels for you, and I hope that all the monkey wrenches of broken cars and phones and business upheaval will subside into this new realm.

    As for me, I’ve got Vitamin Sea immersion set for the rest of the month.

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