Nearly every afternoon I come across (or am directed to) a new person/social media account/ground-breaking pioneer group who is speaking up and making a difference.

             It’s these individuals and their strength where I see the hope in our future.

             Our tomorrows depend on all of us doing our small part.  We know that one person can’t manage it alone.  But one person, plus one more person, plus another, plus more, together with many, can (and have, and will again) make an enormous difference.

             This is why the Universe wants us to remember how valuable we are

one at a time.

             Similar to how we survive when the challenges feel too heavy, when our circumstances seem overwhelming, when we struggle.  To stay afloat, we strip life down to basics, so that we are then able to face our next new day.

             One minute, we can make.  One hour, we’re alright.  One small manageable portion at a time is a way to move forward when we absolutely think everything is impossible.

             As just one person, we join with just one more person.  Eventually a group has formed.  Together, we change what does not work.  Together, we bring a new awareness.  Together, we create a better place to live.






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