As we travel this life, we see the sights, we gather our stories, and we (hopefully) learn some lessons.  The longer we live, wearing these bodies, the more we are able to understand about why we’re here and what we’re doing.

             At least, that’s the plan (as in, our blueprint, the one we crafted for ourselves).

              When we’re at Home on the Other Side, setting up these adventures, we have all the knowledge of the Universe at our fingertips.  We have our singular journey and our collective presence.  But when we come down here to LIVE it, the entirety of it all can feel like it’s been forgotten.

             In reality, all of that greatness and all of those answers, have merely been stored for later access.

             Access It

             is our message right now.  We are being advised to go after those squirreled away memories, teachings, and that soul-deep understanding.  We are being asked to open up our storage unit of awareness, flip open the book of records, harvest from the tree of life.

             Whether we meditate, pray, walk near the water, stare into the flames – whether we dream, drum, hum, or chant.   Whatever is our tool, our vehicle to get there, we are being directed to open that crate, hop on board.

             The scope of this wisdom is immeasurable.  Whatever is our situation, current issue, or complaint, we can find a solution.  The task is simple, but not always easy.

             But we must, we need to look within.  We need to listen.  We have to tune in, today.  Gathering this, and then sharing it, that’s our job at this very moment.

             For me, personally, as I’ve shared before, I like a YouTube guided meditation.  (Something voiced with a foreign accent is especially soothing.)  Or, sitting on a cloudy and overcast beach with my feet in the cold sand as waves roll up, crashing loudly.  Often just a view of some falling water can calm me and help me to feel the earth’s voice, hear the songs of the sky.

             Whatever it is that centers you, calls out to you, do that.  Sit with it, bathe in it, allow it to flow over and through you.  Heal from it.  And then . . . . . share the Joy, the knowledge, and the lovingkindness.


This is what I’m currently listening to.  It’s beautiful, and has exactly the right feel.



2 thoughts on “Individual Implementation

  1. You know my place is the sea. I got Mrs. Denial out to the woods and up in the mountains recently. Those are her places.

    I have listened to the same guided imagery CD for about 10 years now (the person had a great cancer/chemo/radiation series that I used during that time of my life, and kept going with her Sleep and Stress Hardiness, but I digress). I have found recently, that different parts of the process are coming up with different images. Interesting growth, I think. Or hope.

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