We have spoken several times here about how we are Human Beings, not Human Doings.  But it was brought to my attention (again) today, so I guess we’re revisiting.  Which is good, this time it’s a little different.

             There is an enormously powerful and positive movement right now about the acceptability of us just occupying our skins, our space, our bodies.  How, no matter the size nor shape, we have value and we have agency.  No one should be able to say that we, as a person, need to change, need to alter, because of the standards of another.

             If we behave negatively, cause harm?  Of course we should be reprimanded immediately, and called to address/correct our actions; be held accountable.  But to merely carry out our lives, move about in the world?  No, we don’t have to answer to anyone.

             To be our best selves, our most human, we must live in a true and genuine way.  To live our best lives, to go forward and follow the path we set before we arrived here and donned our physical bodies, we must understand that we don’t owe anyone anything.

             To be the best version of ourselves, we need only direct ourselves to our

Life Purpose.

             At this moment in time, on our planet, in our culture, across the globe, there are warriors who are fighting the battle against injustice and ignorance.  More so now than there have ever been before.

             These sacred souls are primarily the Average Jane and Average Joe.  They are mostly not someone rich nor famous nor even considered all that “special” by mainstream media.  But, they have chosen to enrich all of our lives by doing the difficult work.

             I would bet that everyone reading this has come across one or more of them.  They are here amongst us, and they are us.  They are often the quiet prophets, but they are also the outspoken rally leaders.

             They are BEING their most human self by trying to make us all better.  What we can learn from them, and what we can do to help, is to begin in a silent and intentional way.  Sitting with our stillness will open up answers we had trouble hearing due to all of the day-to-day noise and garbage.

             When we occupy our time and mind with positivity, grace, lovingkindness, good people, and that which brings joy, we are bettering the whole.  We are being our best human selves.

             We don’t always have to “do” – this is a time for us to “be” – it is a time for us to support and to assist.  We can put that into practice, we can BE our best self, for the higher and greater good of all, from our own small corner of the world, sending healing to one and all, being the foundation for our improved future.

HERE is a perfect example of how we can all participate.



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  1. This. Unfortunately, I am committed elsewhere at noon tomorrow, unless I can be there very briefly, right at noon. Thanks for this info and the reminder to walk this path with intention. This is the third time this week “intention” has been a message to me. Guess I better pay attention.

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