We are being sent messages all the time.  From our loved ones who have already gone Home.  From our Spirit Guides.  From angels.  From Walk-Besides.  From Source.  From Nature.  From every corner of the Universe.

             They send us reassurances.  They stop in to say hello.  They connect in an infinite number of ways.  They poke us when we need it the most.

             Our job?  To notice and acknowledge.  That’s all.  Nothing more.

             I was reading cards for a woman once, she asked me why her Team never reached out.  I said, “they do!”

             She wanted to argue and claim her lonely I’ve-been-forgotten-ness, wanted to continue wearing the comfortable guise of victim. While at the same time she wanted to be an If-I-Can’t-See-It-It’s-Not-Real snob.

             That’s simply not how this process works.  They don’t need us to believe in them, they already exist.

             I’ll say it again:  our job is to notice.  And acknowledge.

             We can add gratitude, and follow-through, but they aren’t necessary, just nice.  What won’t be of any use is if we deny that the messages are arriving.

             The Universe is reminding us right now that we are here, in this place and time for a purpose. It is up to us to do our best, to be observant, to be willing to


             We’ve spoken of this before.  If we paid attention to every single message, we’d never get anything else done.  But, if we are open to allowing the most pertinent and timely ones to get through, we can better understand how they can help.

             And let me just say, those on the Other Side absolutely do want to help.  Many of them, that is their exact purpose.  We have more assistance than is comprehendable with our limited physical brains inside these unwieldy meat suits.

             Among the most common signs are music, coins, feathers, rainbows, cloud formations, colors or types of sunsets/sunrises, numbers, and “coincidences” (which are never coincidences because there is no such thing).

             All we really need to remember is, if we pay attention, if we open our minds, if we open our hearts, if we look with lovingkindness and joy, we’ll receive that which will benefit us the very most.

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my beloved and treasured sister-in-law Barbara.  Who sends me exactly what I need always when I need it.

2 thoughts on “Tune In

  1. I’ve had some good messages from my “team” in the past year. My Dad has been particularly present, both in dreams and in “visitations”. Three that I (as a numbered person) have been bludgeoned with are license plates. I have seen 829EDH and 516JKZ in the past 6 months; those were the plates of the two cars my Dad bought new, right about the time I was replacing my truck. Just this week, I have noticed a third identifiable Honda Element living in my neighborhood; one whose letters are EDH, which are my Dad’s initials. I guess a 4th one would be the Pacific Wonderland plates I was able to get; the first vehicle (the 829EDH was a replacement plate after my Dad had Gone On, the original was 7S835. My PW plate is 9S7983. All but one of the characters in the original. I pay attention… or try to!

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