Earlier this afternoon I was made aware of a very cool holiday of light, created for the appreciation and celebration of Azna, the female aspect of God.  Now, s/he may not be YOUR god, and may not even be a concept you’re comfortable with.  But stick with me here.

             The reason I bring this information up is because it fell into place on exactly the day of Her celebration, from a source which was much older.  But before I was aware of that particular idea, and before I understood the depth of this message, I had been directed to revisit the cards I’m sharing below.

             When the Universe shows us something, in several different ways, it means we need to pay attention.  Which is what we’re doing.  It looks like the time is perfect for some Light, and some nurturing energy.

             And before you slide away, thinking this is all too soft for you, keep in mind, Mother God is a warrior, with armies of Archangels, all of them carrying swords.

             We need only remember our strength, be in our power.  One spark of light is always more than all the darkness.


The Presence of the Divine Feminine

At the center of everything, there is light.

And I am that light.

Who She Is:

The Shekinah represents the omnipresence and the immanence of the divine feminine.  The Shekinah in Hebrew means ‘to settle, to inhabit, or to dwell.’  It represents an experience of the divine presence right here in the body, and in the world.

In Kabbalism, mystic Judaism, the Shekinah is the feminine aspect of God.  And she is depicted as a piercing, radiant light.  She is the experience of God within us, as the soul of God.

To the Kabbalist, honoring the feminine is of the utmost importance.  This is why the red thread of protection is worn on the left wrist, which is the receiving side of the body.

In Kabbalistic teachings the Shekinah is represented in the tree of life as the pillar of balance.  She is the force which unites the opposites; she brings heaven to earth, and she unites the body and the soul.  Because of her, there can be a direct path of communion between humanity and divinity.

Because of her we can experience God right here in this moment,

and right here in this body.

When Your Soul Selects This Card:

In the Zohar, the main sacred text in Kabbalah, the Shekinah is described as being a world within a world, as a bright radiance at the center of everything.  All life on earth, all consciousness is a part of her light, and is therefore sacred.

The metaphysical theory of immanence is that the divine presence is manifested in the material world.  So there isn’t actually any matter, whether organic or inorganic, that isn’t also a part of the divine.

The Shekinah is light which inhabits your body, your cells, and is in the cells of all the people and all the objects you see around you.  She is also about pure experience.  She is the message, the truth that there is a light at the center of everything which happens to us – both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad.’

And the Shekinah is the reminder that we are not just this body, or this pain we might be going through, or this confusing moment in our brief life. 

We are light.  We are molecules of heaven in human form. 

Right now we can just know this.  We can experience the light we are.  And that we can be enough.  That can be the miracle and the answer we actually need.  Not words, nor meaning, but simply (and more profoundly) pure radiant being.

Soul-Voice Meditation:

Enter the heart, and repeat this mantra:

‘I am the light.’

See what images or words arise.


At the center of everything,

there is light.

I am that light.”

Today’s Deck:

The Divine Feminine by Meggan Watterson, artwork by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman








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