Many of us (most of us!) make judgments or decisions about people and situations based entirely on a first glace.  I’m wondering if it’s another cultural failure?  Are we raised and reared to cast those spur-of-the-moment, based-on-nothing, declarations of others?

             Because when we meet someone, when we see a stranger on social media or in the news, the truth of it is, we know nearly nothing about them.  We don’t know their story.  We don’t know their health, they’re lives.

             And yet, we immediately jump right in, filling the blanks with our own baggage, or own bias, our narrative voice.

             Today the Universe is reminding us that it’s really all about the


             Our outer shell, our house, our car, our clothes, our jobs, our exterior frivolities, all of that is superficial.  All of that is temporary and of very little importance when seen on a soul level.  When looking with spiritual eyes, none of it matters.

             Who a person is, inside, is where our value lies.  Our doings, our actions, our list of kindnesses is where we can see how far we’ve come, and how far we have still to travel.

             As we encounter others, as we cross paths with or come into contact with folks out in the world and on the ‘net, can we do better?  Can we allow the judging to fall away? Can we all please practice looking deeper and seeing the humanity* in every person?

             There was a phrase in the public not so long ago which spoke of her as being “someone’s daughter/mother/sister” but has since been corrected.  Now, we realize, she is someone.

             As we all are.  Our own individual being is worthy of care, worthy of freedom, the freedom to live our lives, walk our road, in whatever manner we see fit.

             It’s not our job to judge.  It is our job to help.

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*all of humanity except for those who prove themselves less than human – those fucking guys? They’re on their own.


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  1. Be defined as yourself, not by your relationships/jobs/family. Good advice, and a great reminder.

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