Without sorrow, we cannot truly understand what it might feel like to be happy.  Without pain, our concept of joy may not be as deep, as comprehensive and full.

             On this journey, it is very much part of our job, our lesson, our chore, to experience all the ups and all the downs.  It’s why we signed on for this ride.

             Is it fun, is it easy? No, absolutely not.  At times it’s so horrible we can’t imagine how we’ll get through the next minute.  Sixty seconds feels like sixty thousand years.

             This precarious mental state we all try to keep steady is what the Universe is asking us to focus on right now.

It’s the balance.

             Another way to look at this topic is to observe weather.  Without summer, we don’t have enough light to grow food.  Without the rain, we don’t have enough moisture to water our crops.  Without snow, our rivers would run dry.

             As much as I thought I wanted to fight against change, it turns out, battling is not the best way to get anywhere.  We must flow with the tides and the winds.  Because, we as animals here amongst the plants, we are part of the movement.

             Nothing stays the same.  It can’t, we are a constant storm in motion.  Our task is to feel all the emotions.  We learn by living the experiences.  Not by avoiding them.

             It is not comfortable.  It can seem endless.  And yet, as we come out the other side (and we do, we will, we always have), we are cleansed and we are better.  We are improved, and we are in a more receptive space for all of the positives awaiting us.

             To advance and evolve, to keep our souls going forward, we must cry for sad, laugh for happy, and immerse ourselves in all which lies in between.