Have you ever seen a squirrel in your blackberry bushes?  I hadn’t either, not until earlier this week.  It was surprising.  But, maybe, it shouldn’t have been.

             We, as a species, go places where humans couldn’t possibly survive, and yet they do.  We, as active animals, perform tasks our bodies maybe weren’t even designed to accomplish, and yet we do.  There are so many ways we can flourish,  Uncountable ways.

             Here’s what the Universe is asking us to understand right now:

things are not always as expected.

             Like my bushy-tailed neighbor in the berry shrub, she was simply just doing what came naturally, looking for food.  Ta da, there is was!  I’m the one who was caught off-guard.

             Our life paths often take us in directions we not only weren’t planning on going, but didn’t even realize existed.  This journey, it’s like that.  One day we’re out hunting for nuts, and, out of nowhere, there’s free fruit!

             What it’s not like?  The movies, internet, TV, or as books tell us.  It can be so much more, and if we’re in a negative place mentally, it can seem like so much less.

             That’s the point of this message, it’s not what we “expect” because we don’t have a clue as to what/where/how much we could even accomplish.  It’s never too late to head down any avenue we like, or wander along a new road we may feel the interest in exploring.

             What is “expected” of us is rarely where our heart directs us.  And it is rarely what will make us happy.

             In many belief systems, we are encouraged to seek out calm and loving attitudes.  And yet the media bombards us with the constant inadequacy that we cannot be satisfied unless we acquire All The Things, or appear a certain way.  Where do we find our balance?

             Right now, it seems, our key is to let go of expectations.  Those tossed over us by our culture (and the big businesses who are running so much of it), and those ideas we had about, and for, ourselves which maybe weren’t even ours in the first place.

             What I hear is, it’s time now to be our own unique and individual selves.  Being in our skin, enjoying our surroundings, loving those close to us, appreciating our many blessings.  Allowing those unnecessary expectations to slip away.  That seems like a terrific spot to be in.




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    1. You, my dude, have come so far, and are doing so well … keep helping others to make the correct choices. The more we do in service, the better we are at home.

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