I’ve mentioned my love of Russian Nesting Dolls here before, and believe me when I say that fascination (adoration? Attraction?) has not faded as the years have rolled along.  Their images appeared several times in the past few days (in several ways), they just kept popping up.  They always draw me in.

             What has never been made evident to me until know, is what they may symbolize on a deeper level.  They’re cute, they can be artistic, they show a particular heritage and culture.  But what they told me recently is new.

             By their very nature, you can see how they depend on each other.  They are built in such a way as to require all the rest of them.  Without one piece, the whole is not complete, in fact, for most sets, they can’t even go back together properly if something is missing.

             And that’s the point.  They need each other, they are connected in a basic and integral way.  Much like many of us and our loved ones.  Without the others, we are not the same.  Without our background (our together time), we may not have become who we are at this moment.

             We need each other for the foundation which the others offer, which is essential.

             All collected in one place (healthy and joyful), we are more complete.  I heard very clearly that our focus just now should be on

Family First.

             Whether it be a born in, married in, or selectively gathered group, the clan or tribe you call your Family is made up of the ones who matter.  And the ones who we need to take care of.  Who we need to consider and look after.  Who we must prioritize.

             Because like my cherished stack-able family of dolls, our loved ones are stronger when we’re nestled close and not missing any important bits.  Reach out, send love, make the call, type a text, stick stamps on something and drop it in the mailbox.

             Be clear in what you’re saying, tell them how much they matter, how much you love them, ask if they need anything today.  While we are also great on our own, we are stronger together.

Thanks @matroesjka.baboesjka on Instagram for this view.