The idea that there is something better, something kinder, awaiting us after this long difficult slog is the hope I cling to.  Daily.  Hourly.  Our reality is challenging.  Our lessons can feel like such a struggle.

             Fortunately we get breaks.  We have blessings.  There are moments of respite and joy.  Even if they are small, they are there.

             We also have the gift of insight.  We have the capability to rephrase what we’re seeing and sensing.

It always takes longer than we thought it would,

             is what I heard recently.  As if, time has no meaning… and in a sense.  It does not.  We invented the measuring system, and we invented the impatience of it.

             As we continue our theme of last month, we see how our own impressions of where we thought we’d be, or what we thought we’d accomplish by a certain marker of time, might not be how this adventure is meant to play out.

             When we stress or worry or fret over opportunities lost, years gone by, we initiate a state of grief which is as manufactured as the concept of linear time.  None of it is real.

             What is true is that we will go Home.  We will make our own judgment of how well we treated others, how well we treated ourselves, how well we cared for our loved ones and the planet.  What we will NOT be contemplating is how much we earned, how many physical accomplishments we attained, nor any sort of corporate climbing/business advances.

             Our impatience is created out of the false belief that getting “ahead” or doing more is of value.  It is not.  What matters is lovingkindness and compassion.  Now, more than ever before, those are the aspects of life here in these meat suits which must be looked at.  Which must be put before all else.

             It is time to care.  About what’s important.  Now is when we must assess how we can alter our view of challenges, and make a turn, a switch, to see what is of value.  And maybe more importantly, what is not.