Sitting in traffic, several days last week, brought about the first image of today’s message.  It also goes along with last week’s.  Because, sometimes there’s a theme.

             For quite a while now I’ve understood that Time and I have a complicated relationship.  (Much like how I feel about products made of wood – I love trees.  I also love the feel of smooth wood.  But, if I have something made of wood, a tree had to die.  See?  Complicated.)

             The belief that every incident and occurrence happens when and where it is supposed to generally equals a zen and calm attitude.  Except.  Except when we get wrapped up in the Ego and the Body and the culture we’re immersed in.

             What the Universe would like us to pay more attention to is:


             That illusive virtue so many of us struggle with.  It’s about Perspective.  It’s about Free Will.

             Trying to be patient and wait for our future to unfold can bring many of us to an anxious and unproductive boiling point.  Sometimes we think that time just needs to go FASTER!

             Or, maybe it needs to slow down?  The complication for me is that I don’t realize time is going anywhere at all.  I don’t mind waiting in line, or even sitting still while others do what they need to.  But, then.  I DO mind!  It can seem senseless.  It can seem random.

             Which is where Patience comes in.  If we allow ourselves the idea that all is in Divine Order, that all is as it should be, and will be, we are better equipped to wear the mantle of calm.  Not rushing can be it’s own event.

             We arrive when we get there.  The party starts when it does.  Nothing is permanent, so there is no reason to hurry.  (Unless a restaurant is closing and we won’t get dinner, in that case, speed the fuck up.)

             As we age, time takes on a different meaning.  As we see the wisdom in releasing stress and agitation, we can enjoy more moments, more days, more of our entire journey.  We can treasure how naturally much of life drops in to place.

             When we are all jacked up, waiting and pacing, time isn’t changing.  We’re simply not enjoying the spot in time we are occupying.  When we examine (and then put into action) where we can let go of that false sense of urgency, we may then allow ourselves to sit in serenity.  We give ourselves permission to observe.  We are free to . . . be.

             Breathe deeply.  Regain composure.  Sit in the now.  What gift has time brought you?  The reality is, that car in front of you always moves, eventually.

It was not hot today,
there was rain.
And I was pleased.