Maybe you’re familiar with the phrase/have seen the bumper sticker about everything already being in Divine Order?  It can be a challenging concept for some.

             Like, why if this is correct, do we still have suffering?  If this is how it’s all supposed to be, why are there so many problems in the world?  The fucking idiot in D.C. – just… why?

              I ask these questions, too.  Many individuals, much wiser and more knowledgeable, do as well.  What answers others come up with, I cannot say.  Personally though, this line of thinking is often followed by a toddler-like tantrum, a full-on screaming rant, a raging fit with actual shouting involved.

             The next step, is a deep cleansing breath.  A calming sob, followed by many more deep inhales and exhalations.  While I remember:

we’re here to learn.

             This is our school.  When our lessons are complete (or, at least when we’ve gone through our charted curriculum), we get to go Home.  This is not Valhalla, it is not Eden, it is not even in the same neighborhood as Paradise. Our present experience is the Academy of Garbage And Difficult Situations

             What we need to think about, and what the Universe is here to keep reminding us, is that we signed up for this, and we’re here to fulfill a contract.  Fortunately, we can CHANGE our blueprint at any point.

             We came here knowing that we had balanced all the pros and cons, had conferred with our Team, had planned out where best we could do what we needed to, and with whom.  What we always forget, like every stinkin’ time, is what a major struggle this entire CHORE can be.

             And that’s when we break down, that’s when we question, those are the times we wonder what the actual hell we were thinking to come down here and do it all again!

             Our reminder right now is of purpose.  We have chosen this journey to bring us the best and most complete lesson we can manage.  If it feels too hard, then we need to recharge, we need some Me Time, we need some Self-Care.  Every single person on the planet thinks more clearly when they are rested and well fed.

             So, just like a kid going off to class, we are to take good care of ourselves.  Then, we can take care of others, and we can learn.  Life lessons may not be easy, but following through with them CAN be simple.

on the porch.

             I wish you could smell this.