The month of June has a funny feeling to me.  Once it no longer means “school’s out” there is a sense of pointlessness to it.

             Maybe if we’d ever taken vacations, or if anyone in my family had ever traveled it would be different?  I hear that this is the time of  year folks go places which are not their jobs?

             Very often, when living is the same as “surviving” summer getaways are foreign and winter dates run together with all the other seasons.  Possibly it’s just me and I don’t like celebrations?  Hard to say, I only have my own perspective and view to go by.

             What I do know is that there’s a sense of expectancy in the air, even if it never turns in to anything.  The Universe brings reminders of this in having our focus turn to

exchange and flow.

             Every bit of us, and every bit of what we know, is energy.  It’s the very thing which makes us move and feel and function.  The power of the sun, the glow of the moon, the cost of food, the pull of tides, going from one place to another.  All things are part of this continuum.

             So when we have a sense of “what’s next?” or a moment of anticipation, we can be sure it’s being felt by others.  We are all connected.  We are all part of the life breath this world moves with.

             Learning to share, to understand Self-Care, to honour our emotions, while still holding out a hand to those who need it most, is the essence of being human.  It is the exchange and flow of soul knowledge.

             We may experience this beginning of Summer differently from how our neighbors do, but when we reach across, be part of the whole, we help ourselves right along with everyone else.

Not where I am,
but where I wish to soon be.







2 thoughts on “Trade Rate

  1. Interesting thoughts. Summer stopped being a “freedom” time after HS graduation. As an adult, our vacations would come after Labor Day, when the crowds would dissipate. As our family extended to foreign countries, our trips would be at their convenience, and the international travel has been amazing.

    Now, with retirement, I find that I really do less of the self-care kind of travel, and really want to do more of that. My toes have not seen the ocean since December in the China Sea. My path needs to lead me there.

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