Still sick.  Still going to the hourly-wage job.  (Although, this week will be easier than last, and next.)

             What I’m learning in all of this chaos and phlegm and exhaustion is that, as in so much of Life, it’s simply NOT that big of a fucking deal.

             Mostly, we’re uncomfortable or inconvenienced.  But, while the shitshow which is our political climate acts as an exception, none of the rest of our daily toil is truly life-threatening.

             The Universe is here to remind us that

It’s Okay.

             You know, I’m speaking generally here, because yes, there are some NOT at all Okay elements in our world.  On the whole, for most of us, as an average in the equation of this journey though, most of our garbage absolutely will work itself out.

             And that’s the thought we need to hold close.  When we worry and stress and fret, it helps nobody.  Right now?  There’s plenty we can do to help.

             Being negative isn’t the way.  Releasing what no longer serves, is.  Reaching out and sharing and lending a hand when we can, also is.

             Starting with ourselves.