If you know me at all, or have been around long enough to get a sense of who I am, you’ll understand when I say that I am the opposite of driven.  Remember the idea of Type A personality individuals?  Yeah, I am not that.  At all.

             So when I am forced to work extra, it is difficult to find the silver lining.  Especially when I get sick.  This week?  Both.  My reality has been too much time required in places that are not my bed.

             I feel worn ragged and undercharged.  If maybe you, or someone you know and care about, might also be in need of a rest or some great voices to listen to, here’s what I’m sharing.

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             SpotLess Pod is a show close to my heart.  Not because their topic is fascinating (and not because they mention me in every single episode), but because the people are terrific and cool and talented and funny and wonderful in too many ways to mention. 

             Please enjoy, and tell your friends.  It’s a highly entertaining and educational podcast (even if you aren’t a person who enjoys cleaning).

             Take care.  Of yourselves.  Of each other.  Of our beloved Mother Earth.  (By next week I should be well again and more rested, by which I mean: coherent.)




2 thoughts on “DownTime, OverTime, CleanTime, RadioTime

  1. I must have created a disruption in the universe. I traveled to the Women’s Brass Conference, stayed in a condo with two friends I had never met, was incredibly busy and came away recharged and hyper energized. I’ll send some back to you.

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