This past week was . . . . . tumultuous.  There have been some pretty towering highs, and a few crushing lows.   Both personally and in the news.

             As we’ve previously discussed, I have chosen to keep myself safe by “curating the feed” of what I’m exposed to.  External negativity is simply not healthy.

             In fact, that’s exactly what the Universe wants to remind us.   Protecting ourselves is vital to our wellbeing.  While at the same time staying informed and knowledgeable.  We need to consider how those outside influences are going to affect us, on all levels.

             Our priority must be to respond


             As with lovingkindness, this recommendation is about allowing ourselves the gentle gift of care.  It is enormously better for us when we make a point of avoiding harshness, avoiding the clamor of ignorance and hatred.  Yes, this can be difficult, but it must be done (or, at least attempted) if we are to stay safe, sane, and able to help.

             While we also must recognize our power (we are stronger than we realize), it is vital to surround ourselves with the comforts which sooth and cleanse, heal and repair.

             When we dig around in our toolbox, let us find those items which bring us the most joy, the gentlest compassion, the largest dose of solace.

             In a loud and ugly world, our task is to share joy, bring healing, and show the strength a gentle gesture embodies.


Personal Note:

photo credit needed, I can’t find the original, nor can I recall where I got this image.  This was the one I was directed to use, so I’m hoping I can figure out where it came from.




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