Not all lessons are pleasant.  In fact, most aren’t.  It could be due to how growth can cause pain, discomfort.  Often our progress takes us places we never thought we’d go. And that’s just not always easy.

             Forward momentum is what sometimes hurts.  Sitting still, in a spiritual sense, is akin to stagnation.  On the physical level though, it is one of the best tools we can utilize for our education and fulfillment.  It’s up to us to understand when to apply moving, and when to apply being.

             We are in charge of our original chart, but not always in charge of the way it plays out.  The detours in Life, while beneficial, send us traveling off in seemingly random directions.  The key to that movement aspect of our journey is to stay


             When we fight the changes, they become even MORE difficult.  It is useless to wage battle against Mother Nature due to the fact that we are part of Her.  She is part of us.

             We wear disposable bodies, we age.  We are here to gain knowledge, we are here as if it were a school.  Many of us become old in the process.

             All living beings have a cycle, one of the stages is always death.  Anything which grows will eventually come to the same end/will loop around within that same circuit.  It’s an enduring and endless pattern.  We’re like fruit, we rot, becoming compost so that life may begin anew.  We’re like rocks, we erode, becoming sand and gravel and dirt so that other parts of life may take hold and be birthed.

             To retain our flexibility we need to see all angles of the equation, all sides of the view.  We are better able to gain access to our purpose and our joy if we bend like the trees in a strong wind, swaying as the storm passes us by.

          It’s also up to us to watch for signs.  The Universe’s reminders are usually clear, and simple.  The action and discernment are our jobs.

             This week:

be aware, be bendy.





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  1. Be bendy. Be stretchy. Don’t be rigid, stiff, or inflexible. Great message for today!

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