We can all agree, there’s much going wrong right now.  What takes more words and more belief, and a bit more reaching, is to see how loads of shit is actually going well.

             Years ago, during a particularly challenging period of time, that person who is the very closest to me asked if I could look at what I had, not what I didn’t have, and how would it change my perspective.  You should know, he’s not a fabulous motivational speaker, but he comes up with these lines (or they come to him), drops them on me, and then coasts off into the rest of our life.

             That exact remark stuck, in the very best way possible I took it personally.  I bring it out often, it has a special and trusted place in my toolbox.  It happens to be tremendously similar to what we’re hearing about from the Universe.  We are being asked to focus on

             One definition of this word is to comprehend the goodness in something.  So, to keep Acceptance near us, is to acknowledge the concept of cherishing all of that which we DO have.  And allowing the parts which are not ours (yet?) to fall away, to come back in their proper time, or to transform into what will be best for us at a later date.

              Some people have the misunderstanding that accepting where we are means to become a doormat and just wallow in our pain.  Those people are very wrong.  To embrace Acceptance is to feel all the emotions, to hold gratitude in our hearts, and to loosen the grip we have on an imaginary control.

             Yes, we created this chart.  Yes, we laid out the blueprint for this journey.  But no, we absolutely do not have to accept anything which is hurtful, harming, or makes us doubt the beauty in our soul.

             To treasure where we are, to sit in satisfied and healing silence, is to accept our part in being a positive influence.   We are here to learn, to grow, to help.

             We can do that by accepting the idea that time moves along at precisely the proper pace, we accept that the past is behind us, we accept that the future is up to us, and finally, we accept that this Right Now moment (and all we can learn from it) is more valuable than anything else.