Our grandbaby tells us now she’s not a baby.  She’s a “big kid” (as if we need a reminder, from her).  She turned 2 at the end of January.  (TWO!)  Yesterday she walked importantly out into the backyard with a pair of floral snips to harvest a handful of sweet-smelling plants.

             Lilacs are truly the only part of this season that I like, and look forward to.  She brought me some, as a gift.

             As we seem to be in full Spring mode now, I am figuring out how to handle the current amount of heat, while knowing that it will get worse.  Much like the ups and downs of our emotions and mental health (as well as SO many other aspects in life), when we have the proper tools, the job goes more smoothly.

             What I’m hearing right now is how we’re


             When we receive bad news, when we hear a terrible tale, when we see a disturbing image, our reaction is the key.  In my case, I cannot always control what happens, physically as well as where my feelings take me.

             It’s where we go from there which is what the Universe wants us to focus on.  We are in charge of how we allow negativity from the outside to influence us.  Or not.

             It is up to us to manage.  Or not.  When we are depleted (no rest, inadequate food, dehydration, mental exhaustion, general stress), we are more susceptible, we are more at risk.

             I harp on and on about SelfCare, but I do it for a reason.  We simply do not take good enough care of ourselves on a regular basis.  It is something this broken culture has gotten entirely wrong.

             When we nap, when we pray, meditate, or simply sit quietly, when we care for ourselves in a loving and nurturing way, we have proven our value, we have told ourselves and the world that we are worth the time/energy/money/effort.  And when we are well taken care of , we are strong.  We can cope, we can heal, we can thrive.

             It’s time to use our tools, it’s time to take care of ourselves.  It’s time for us to bloom.




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  1. I am reminded of the Navajo saying to “walk in beauty”. There is beauty all around us, and within us. It is important to acknowledge and encourage both.

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