As the overwhelming negativity continues everywhere we turn (I recently heard someone say the ocean is dead, why even try), as we approach a very hope-filled, jubilant (but traditionally controversial) weekend, I try my best to stay over on the positive side.  I am actively practicing my gratitude.

             In fact, I am practicing this reframed alternative mindset now, as I jot my notes in the rattiest old laundry-mat* I’ve had the pleasure of visiting in several decades.  My reality is this: machines continue to fail, our internet is fucking worthless, people disappoint, and neighbors kill trees.

             I don’t give up (like I used to ….. as much).  Instead, now I

rise above.

             It’s been challenging, let me just say.  Things aren’t going as I thought they would, nor even, as I’d like them to.  The difference?  My attitude.

             I understand more/better/some bits on a deeper level.  My observations are farther reaching.  My soul-sensibility is heightened.  Much of the garbage is rolling off, away from me, so that the stench is not nearly as noticeable as it once was.

             Do I still take most things personally?  Pretty much on the regular.  I am a “highly sensitive” individual, so I truly can’t help that aspect of my personality.  My only way around this emotional reaction is to sit with all the feelings.  Hold them, allow them to find the space they need.  Then, I (try!) to release them, so they can fly off to wherever is their next destination.

             This idea of our own uplifted perception is not even close to new (and definitely not mine), it is the basis of ancient religions and spiritual paths across the world.  It is entirely simple, but does take some getting used to.  It does take us a while to live it.  (Our entire life, basically.)

             Very similar to how I have decided to cope with the upcoming warm weather, I am rebranding it in this acceptance mode.  I can’t stop it, but I can look forward to it being over.   Every hot day I suffer through, brings me one blessed step closer to fall, and the welcome cool once again.

when one door closes.....
A closed door always means there has to be an open window, someplace. It’s up to us to find it.

*I know that’s not how it’s spelled.  I just like it better this way.  This is me, finding joy in small ways.