Sometimes our messages are thematic.  This is one of those cases.  Last week we spoke of forgiveness and allowing that grace to start from within, to begin the growth and kindness process with our own inner spark.

             We were encouraged to shine, to care, and to share absolution on our own worthy selves.  Now, I’m hearing something similar.  A reassurance that we can trust, we can be confident.

Believe Yourself

             In the scope of mental health, we are not always strong enough to give our own feelings and thoughts the honor they deserve.  Our brains can play tricks on us.  We question our very heart and mind.  It can be so challenging to know when, what to have faith in.

             There are ways to get help, there are tools we can use, tricks we can learn.  But we often don’t feel truly equipped to be the sole source of knowledge.  So we doubt.  We wobble.

             Right now, we are being reminded that we DO have what it takes to accomplish those tasks ahead of us.  We DO have the strength.

             Once we have forgiven, once we have apologized to our own bodies, the next natural step is to move forward.  To trust that our inner wisdom has not left us.

             Our spirit knows, even if our mind continues to quietly question, we can feel assured that yes, our instincts are good, and our inner judgment can be relied upon.

             At this time, we can count on, and believe in, ourselves.







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