All week I’ve been seeing signs and hearing messages with a singular and common theme.  Even the current Vernal Equinox and Full Moon are telling us the same things.

             Right now?  It’s all about:


             The newness of the season, the freshening of our mother Earth, it’s in every aspect of our lives at this moment.  It is the focus of Nature.

             For me, personally, it was  …..  interesting.  So much has changed in the past few years (well, nearing a decade now, but the past three-ish have felt accelerated).  I’m no longer fighting the detours, the roadblocks, the shit that just pops up into our faces when we least expect it.

             Probably that’s growth.  Maybe that’s evolving.  Hopefully that’s learning my lessons.  Mostly it feels like I’m finally getting the hang of this Release process.  That “GAH!  It’s all new and different!” concept no longer feels as jarring, it unsettles me not as often.

             This afternoon was an excellent example.  My hours at work have been cut.   This is good and bad news.  On the negative, I go to a job because we have decided that homelessness will not suit our particular needs at this time.

             On the bright side, I love not going to work.  We took off, spontaneously, with no plan except to head for the shore.  My beloved Oregon Coast was the destination.  Sun sets at 7:30, it’s an hour away, I didn’t even have to set an alarm nor get out of bed early.

             As you can see, the day was spectacular.  Cold enough for me to be happy, the breeze calm enough for my driver and his companion to not get blown off their feet.

heceta beach sunset

             All the things did not fall smoothly into place, though.   Our food factor was met with many unforeseen obstructions.  We rolled with it.  None of the solutions were fabulous, but we didn’t allow it to dim our shiny day away.

             Going to see my favorite beach is always a joy which shows on my face, an ebullient recharge I carry with me for days and days and days, drawing on the visit repeatedly.  The birth of being able to just GO do it was a gift I had not expected.

             What I think the Universe wants us to gain from all of this is that we CAN adapt.  We ARE able to flex and bend and take the alternate path.  Because we do now know, it most certainly is not about the ending, it’s entirely about the journey.

             We kept recalling the pluses, making them even more positive, and let those negatives roll right off.  It was an effortless successful, and that’s kind of a new concept for many of us.




2 thoughts on “Circles, Cycles, Tides

  1. How cool that you got a spontaneous ocean visit. What is your favorite beach?

    I have felt the pull of the change with the equinox and the full moon occurring together. It feels hopeful.

    1. My recent fave these days has been Heceta. I like not having to trudge over the dunes and worry about the jetty. Also, ya know, lighthouse.

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