I’ve chosen to not discuss Mercury retrogrades here, for a number of years now.  Not that they weren’t happening, because they fucking were.  But my perception of them has changed.

             As we learn, grow, evolve, our lessons alter and adjust along with our journey.  Our path takes a turn, we wander off to take a different route, there is a detour, we rest sometimes.  All of that, and more, is precisely what we’re SUPPOSED to be doing here.

              Recently a few aspects of where I was a decade ago have appeared in my Now version.  It’s been a bit jarring.  A bit sad.  A bit frustrating.  It’s also been good.  Good to see how far I’ve come.  Good to revisit ideas and messages.

            As with Mercury, and how those cycles have meaning in our day-to-day, they’ve changed, too.  I’m more prepared, now?  Maybe.  I’m more able to deflect and understand?  Possibly.  Is it still frustrating?  No question.

             But when we reflect on where we’ve been and where we are now and where we’re going, those older patterns make more sense.

             What I’m also hearing is that they can be as powerful as we make them.

Gifts ~  given and received.

             A gift doesn’t need to be made of expensive materials.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot.  None of the monetary factors apply when we are speaking of true and genuine value.

              When we acquire the tools and techniques to help us face challenges, that right there is a gift we have given ourselves.  The learning is the precious quality.  The understanding is the honourable factor.

             We are here so that we can leave being better than when we arrived.  By giving and receiving gifts, those of great merit, to ourselves and to our loved ones, we are serving our Divine purpose and we are making the entire planet a more loving place to live.

             Our lessons, those are our gifts, our contributions to the Whole.  They are ours, to give, and to receive.

Today’s Personal Sharing:

is to say that I’ll have a fine moment coming up to practice my re-framing skills.  Winter is nearing her end, the weather forecast is showing very warm temperatures in my area.  I am not looking forward to it.  But it’ll give me opportunities to learn, and tolerate.

winter serenity




2 thoughts on “On Offer, In Acceptance

  1. If it helps you reframe at all, just remember that this SunBear is aching for warmth, sunshine, and all the good things that go with those things.

    1. When I am so incredibly uncomfortable, to point of nearing pain, and the sweat has caused me to ache and swell, I honestly do try to think of folk who are enjoying the exact same weather which is causing me to feel so sick. I try. I honestly do try.
      (Tonight I’ve been researching portable/personal AC devices……. for mobile cooling purposes.)

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