In returning recently to the handcrafts of my childhood, I am learning some unexpected Life Lessons.  (I’d share photos but I tend towards all manner and variety of black, which is notoriously difficult to capture.)  Several projects are finished, a few in the works, a couple still being planned, countless more in the future.

             It was interesting to even “feel” like I needed this back in my day-to-day.  Allowing ourselves to follow passion is not always easy.  It’s one of the natural instincts our culture doesn’t value on a consistent basis.

             This process has brought me back to:


             Admittedly, we all have limits.  This is no reason for us to not move along with determination, though.  Trudging forward into more and more powerful experiences, accessing our spiritual core in wide and expansive ways, can only be good, enriching to our soul.  We gain emotional growth in the most surprising places.

             It might not seem like much, how to knit/crochet.  But for a person with assorted issues and learning disabilities, this is a huge damn deal.  For me, it’s validation.  It’s worthiness and accomplishment.  Measured on the scale of a platform which I don’t always qualify to even participate in, this one is important.

             Knowing that any of us are capable of these possibilities, these options, these choices, these outcomes, these results, these small fulfillments, is so empowering and uplifting.  Knowledge is one of our strengths.  We are here to learn, after all.

             Let’s make the lessons fun, and let’s share the Joy.

sea glass

             My February view.   It’s not been as “wintery” as I’d have liked this year, but I am staying positive and holding on to the surety that as soon as Spring and Summer have passed, Fall will follow, and all will be cool again.





2 thoughts on “All Open, All Available

  1. On the other hand, I am SO ready for the cold and damp to leave, and for the sun to return. In my world, January lasted for 500 days, and February (until about yesterday) felt like it was going to surpass that.

    The music that I am making these days is balm to my soul. It is stretching parts of me that have been idle for far too long.

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