We watched a PBS special recently, on the history of people with horses.  It was done pretty well.  (My father had a few complaints, but then, he’s a guy who know horses and history, and he’s old.  So, he can review it however he sees fit, as far as I’m concerned.)

             What was most fascinating is how the horses and the people, have changed over time.   How we interact with them has also changed.  So much of how we evolve and grow has to do with our surroundings, just as it does with those horses.

             They have survived by


             As have we.  In our day-to-day we must be flexible.  Schedules are merely suggestions, and phone calendars are simply reminders.  None of our activities are permanent, because we are not permanent.

             It’s such a challenging lesson for many of us (me!  It’s really still very hard for me).   We often struggle with the malleability of our world.   The ups are usually okay, but the downs can just feel like too much.  They aren’t called Growing PAINS for no reason.

             And nothing says “growth” like watching a child.  Our grandbaby has turned two.  TWO!  It’s like she just arrived a minute ago.  Now, she’s a kid.  A walking, talking, negotiating in full and complete compound sentences, kid.

             I look at her and wonder what she’ll remember from this time.  I look at her and hope she can understand that permanence is all about choices and adapting in a smooth, comfortable way.

             My hope for her is that she’ll be able to change her mind, change her route, change her journey whenever that opportunity appears.  My hope for her is that she never feels stuck, never feels like she can’t take risks.

             We spend several afternoons with her.  It’s my favorite part of every week.  But as she gets older I’m already missing the baby she once was.  I’m already looking back on these first two years with fondness, and longing.

             For me, these lessons of adapting and transforming and adjusting are all (and always) about release.  Their very foundation is about being able to accept that all things change, all things move, all things go forward.  And we, we have to move along, too.

             I just wish for us all to have a trouble-free walk here on our path to Home.  I just wish for us to feel the moments, and keep them close, without it being too painful.

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