There were three Julies in our office the other day.  It was odd.  We were different generations, came from different places, and had very different life experiences.

             We also had an enormous amount of things in common.  I believe that if we’d had the chance to hang out for a longer period of time, we would have discovered even more similarities.

             This brought a reminder to my conscious thoughts.  We are all so much more the same than we are dissimilar.  We have more things which make us alike than things which cause us to be divergent.

             To dwell on what makes us different is like staying focused on all that is wrong with the world right now.  I am VERY aware of how  broken everything seems to be.  But, as I go about my day-to-day, I am unable to keep the rage at a boiling point.

             For sanity-saving purposes (and I have such a tiny bit of it left), I must aim my gaze at where the positives lie, where the beauty rests, and where I can see hope.

letting go lessons

             I most certainly don’t expect everyone to do exactly as I do.  However, if you are feeling like it’s too much right now, I understand.  I’m a million percentage with you on that particular page.

             What works for me, as we’ve already discussed, are small steps.  Tiny bits of Grace which touch my soul, keep my heart whole, and help me to get out of bed (eventually).  The Universe reminds us, this is all part of the Journey.  We ARE making progress.  These lessons are for the greater good of us all.

             If that still doesn’t do it for you, well ….. music is one of my original Feel Better options.  As are lovely views of the sea, any video featuring whales, dolphins, sharks, or seahorses in their natural habitat.

             Another place I’m putting my energy is replacing as many disposable items with planet-healing non-trash choices.  This week it will be dryer sheets.

             We don’t use paper napkins, towels, dishes, nor throw-away cups.  If I drive-up for a beverage, you can bet I have my own container.  When I have extra food on my plate in a restaurant, look down near my chair, that’s where you’ll see the storage containers I brought in with me.

             When  you stop buying their shit, they have to stop selling it.  In consumables, and in our general, basic Life.




2 thoughts on “To Save, To Release

  1. We really are more similar than not, at least in the things that matter. Did you guys get dryer balls? The wool balls you can put essential oils on? We have them and they are fantastic.

    1. I can’t afford them yet (but yes, they’re next on my list). The home-made dryer sheets were a 50% fail (so, 50% win?) and the foil balls were sort of a tie?

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