Whether your family is the chosen type or the kind you’re born in to, it’s the place you should feel most at home.  Even if many of their numbers are miles away.

             And with the cases of distance, in order to be with some, we must often sacrifice them to stay close with others.  It’s a challenge, especially if your group is large.

              We can feel as though that cost is too high.  What is most helpful, in this and so much of our life is:


             To find balance, is to find our true path, is to find comfort.  The times when we are in sync are the most joyous.  We feel unburdened and free.

              But how do we do that?  How do we find that composure and equality, for ourselves and for our loved ones?  How do we solve the issues of some getting more than others?

             One way is to let go of guilt, let go of what everyone is thinking (or, more precisely, what we THINK everyone is thinking).  None of that matters.  What’s important is to be honest, be caring, do the very best we can.

              This past week we were away from some loved ones, but spent time with another batch.  We made sacrifices, it cost a lot (time and dollars).  In the end, it was worth it.  It’s always worth it!

             Much like my theory of “buy the boots, spend the money” – looking back, we never regret the purchase (and every time, make more money).  We absolutely, and without fail, will regret NOT doing it.  Every stinkin’ time.

             Let go.  Take the trip.  Go see the people you care about.  You’re worth it.  And, if you miss them, they’re worth it, too!  Find your balance, pay the price.  And feel good about your choices.

              Here’s what I’m listening to tonight.  Turn up the music, dance, enjoy!  Spend your money and spend your time, in all the places where it matters most.








2 thoughts on “Give Take Give

  1. Family, clan, tribe. Our net includes what we call our “Framily” here in Eugene. This is who we celebrate events with, play board games with, play cards with, and take to doctor visits. Extended family (by birth) all live “away”, some as close as Medford, some as far as Hong Kong.

    Goal for the month: Stop worrying about what you think everyone is thinking. Wise words.

    1. Whenever I find a new piece of music which touches me, or hear instrumentals which are meaningful, I think of those I care about who bring that kind of joy into our lives ….. you know who I mean.

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