Our journey is our own.  That’s a Universal Truth.  We are here to learn, and to grow.  We have chosen the methods, the company, the life.  And yet, we struggle.  I struggle.

             This has been a challenging week for me.  My days were disrupted, our regular routine tossed aside.  As much as I strive for more understanding of serenity (and release), it is (always will be) a work in progress.  I mean, that’s basically the point of us being here.

             The other fact is, we have no control.  I know, people say we are in charge of our own destiny, but that’s only minimally true.  For huge things (think of weather!), we are so obviously NOT in charge.

             Absolutely, we wrote this chart, and we CAN alter it.  That process is entirely possible.  None of it is effortless, though.

             What I hear right now is for us to continue on our path, continue to

seek calm.

             Events around me have caused irritation.  Again, I am aware that if I allow shit to bother me, that’s all in my basket.  I’m not necessarily arguing either side, merely venting and speaking the truth in this moment, attempting to re-center, re-align.

             I’ve come across several mentions of transparency lately.  Folks who are saying what they truly feel, showing their under-bed dust-bunnies to the world.  It’s refreshing, and it’s beyond time for this switch, this step away from false fronts.  Being a chronic over-share-er from the beginning, I am pleased to see others traveling this road.  And finding it to be a positive experience.

             When we are honest with our attitudes, when we allow ourselves to see what needs improving, and then we reach out, opening up to answers, that’s where the growth happens.  That’s where we gain our education.  And, where we can land when the turmoil feels overwhelming, a safe port on our grand and epic search, our quest for calm.

choose joy
This image is from my new (free) meditation app.

Happiness is mine.