Every day, at just after midnight, our calendar changes.  In around four weeks, it changes again.  When twelve months have passed, another change is marked.  In ten more years, it’s called something else entirely.

             It’s a sort of random-yet-confining set of rules, this flipping and assigning, these days to weeks to months to years to decades.  But our culture embraces the changes like they have true meaning.  It’s false though, this created definition, has not always been this way.

             In nature, there are fluid seasons, not harsh and jarring page flips.  One gradual interval overlaps/slides up against the next when none of it is measured with math and numbers.

             This gentle ease is what the Universe would like us to focus on right now.  Not the squared off boxes we cram our illusion of measurements into, but the flowing movement which is more natural to our emotions, our bodies, our souls.  To our


             Instead of counting and recounting, we are encouraged to sit, be.  We may feel drawn to going over some past events or emotions, but we can also enjoy just the gratitude and grace to be found in where we currently rest.

             To struggle now is to defeat what this particular point in the planet’s journey is trying to teach us.  Where I live, it’s now a cold and dark period.  A time filled with great opportunities.  Refreshing and contemplative occasions just waiting for us to discover them.

             We can cocoon indoors, light candles, and sip warm drinks.  Or we can bundle up, march about in the brisk air and breathe deeply, making this spot on the wheel of the year, this exact moment, valuable and worthy.

              As I was jotting down notes for our message, I was drawn to an additional validation.  This is yet another way to honour our sacred self, to harness the strength we are surrounded by, while still remembering who we are, and why we’re here.



The First Woman

‘I am the voice of my body and soul.

I choose the life that I desire to live.’

Who She Is:

Lilith embodies our sovereignty to declare our desires and do what must be done in order to live them out.  According to Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife.

She was created from the same earth as he was.   So when he expected her to be subservient to him, she refused.

Lilith explained to Adam that they were equal – made by God.  So when Adam insisted again on her submission, she uttered the divine names and flew away.  

She embodies the emotional and spiritual aspects of our unconscious or unrealized desires, sensuality, and unbridled sexuality.  Lilith owns her body and soul completely.  For many women, she is an icon of freedom.

She is the first woman.  She is the woman who refused to be dominated or defined by anyone or anything outside of her.


I am the voice of my body and soul.

I choose the life that I desire to live.”

Today’s Deck:

The Divine Feminine by Meggan Watterson and Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman




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